40 +1

He’s overdue. I’m not particularly pleased about it. But at least;

  1. He seems healthy and well in there, judging from the movements
  2. I can sleep even though I have some pre labour pains and am frustrated and irritated. So besides my mood I’m not really suffering too much…

Jon and I just went for a walk now. Long, slow walk. It gave me a very unattractive tanline he he… Thanks.

A new day, new chances, I’m positive. Although the moodiness the last week is a sign of hormones doing its thing anyway. So I’m not feeling too bad about being a grumpy pregnant lady.

Walking helps, but I can’t walk forever in this heath
Last evening we went to Svrdsklova where mum and dad has their campervan at the moment.
Last evening we went to Svärdsklova where mum and dad have their campervan at the moment.


Pre labour updates

Today I have been irritated and frustrated. I’ve also done a lot of cleaning. All good signs of pre labour. But no pains today. Had the most painful afternoon/evening last night, so was almost sure that would be the night. But no.

Even managed to sleep and have been sleeping this afternoon as well, which I guess is a good investment anyway. When labour does start, sleeping won’t be possible.

It just feels frustrating and as it’s not doing anything because it later stops. But read someone’s birth story when I woke and feel a lot more hopeful as her story was very similar to mine so far. Contractions stopping and starting over a few days. As the doctor told me on Monday; “this will end with a baby being born”.

Guess I’m doing the right thing with all the resting and nesting. Soon I won’t be able to. I’ve never been very patient so all this waiting is annoying. All questions about how things are going are really annoying as well, mostly because I so want things to happen now and almost feel disappointed so having to explain “No nothing is happening right now”, even though logically I realise that things are moving along as they should. It takes time.

“The son will come out, tomorrow…”

Jon was making his own song, as he tends to do, predicting our son will arrive tomorrow. 4 days until due date. But what is a due date? I’m trying all labour inducing tips I can find. I thought we should go for a walk, so we drove to Strandstuviken to walk around there and I also got a chance to show Jon where I spent a lot of my childhood summers. He said it reminded him of a place he’d been as a kid in South Africa, which surprised me. But I guess that’s really good.

I was at the midwife today to check my blood pressure. It was really good this time, because I didn’t cycle. My sister took me. I also ended up having the curve checked – baby’s heartbeat and contractions. Having contractions, but it’s not building up yet. But I guess it will soon.

Afterward my sister and I went to town centre to sort some errands. We also had an awesome salad that left us both really full! And so such a cute baby, with LOADS of hair. I think there’s some sort of baby boom going on here, because there’s small babies everywhere and massive pregnant tummies as well. And the health store was out of Raspberry Leaf tea. Altho I found it somewhere else – but it was only one left there as well.

Nice day all in all.

Week 39

I don’t know what’s going on, but he is so active today. It’s like a washing machine. He just won’t stop moving for a second. It’s great, if yet a little weird sometimes. I guess he wants to come out as well.

I’m thinking of everything as a sign now. But still nothing real is happening.

Tick tock, eight till late

Eight days until Due Date. I’m still hopeful things will kickstart any day now. But it is an interesting thing this waiting. Being completely out of control. I mean I do try all the tricks, and I’m still drinking my Raspberry leaf tea. Although that won’t do anything to bring on labour, but is suppose to¬†help in second stage of labour. And I’m sitting quite a lot jumping on the birth ball (my Swiss ball has transformed to a birth ball).

Saw the midwife yesterday. Jon and I cycled there because we still haven’t got our car registered here. (They only had a time slot for 8 aug) I thought cycling would be fine, but it was really hard and hot outside and made me really upset for some reason. So when we parked the bicycles I started crying. Mm I know. So not surprisingly my blood pressure was high. Everything else looks good. She had me rest for a bit and then the blood pressure had gone down enough so she could send me home. I’m going back Monday for another blood pressure test. Unless… well you know.

Think I’ll sit on my ball for a bit…

Jon and I just walked to the shared laundry and I heard these to elderly ladies talking saying like “No, not yet”. That’s basically all I heard, but I still sort of thought; “Are they talking about me??” and as I walk around the bush one of the ladies said; “Oh I was just talking about you. I was asking if you’ve had your baby yet”. It’s such a different type of life here compared to what we’re used to in England and everyone “minds their own business”. I think Jon and I will always keep a bit private. But it is kind of nice that neighbours care and speak to you as well. As long as they don’t get nosy that is hehe.


“When?” is the question spinning in my head. When will the baby make his appearance. It’s so close now. It could happen at any time, but it could also be a while still and to be honest, it feels like it’s never going to happen. I can’t picture it. Even though this belly of mine is very lively and present – I cannot believe it will turn into a baby one of these days. It’s very odd. I’m dreaming about going into labour. I’m dreaming of meeting the little one.

I’m busy so it’s not that. I’ve got work this week. And we have stuff to do around the house and loads of paperwork to get done. Another letter to Immigration went off today regarding Jon. Hopefully that will be it, no more requests for additional information. Probably not though. You can get depressed for less, dealing with government departments.

But then the question pops up again; “When?”

Week 38 – Blog bump

Just moved over to week 38. It’s getting closer… My birth plan is written. Most things bought, just waiting for a changing table mat thing. I’ll give you some pictures soon. I haven’t even shown you anything of all the lovely gifts we’ve received from all directions. Seriously, people are so kind, thoughtful and generous!

As you’ve noticed I haven’t been very active on the blog lately. This is because I don’t want the blog to become a negative place and I’ve felt quite whiney about how these last weeks of pregnancy have been (my feet are like two paddles) and the stress of the move, before and after it took place. So that, and the fact that I haven’t really had time, has meant the blog has been quiet. It happens once in a while, I’ve always blogged like this. But I do have big plans for the blog in the future though, and hopefully I will be able to do it soonish. It will also help me get my blog appetite back.

I have tried sharing some photos from the lovely times we’ve had since we got here though, the weather is great for example, cycling, seeing family seeing friends. Even though a lot of time spent here has also been me being unbelievable tired, painful feet and other motherly worries. But yeah as I said – not fun to read about.

Blog bump
Blog bump

As you all can see, my bump is kind of big. Despite putting on Bio Oil twice every day from early in pregnancy I haven’t been able to keep off the stretch marks. Oh well, what can you do? Hopefully they will fade a bit… once this is over. I do long to get the control of my own body back, as well as meeting our little intruder as well of course.


Early in the pregnancy I started being very interesting in breast-feeding. I was asking my mum and sister about it, reading about it and becoming a little obsessed with it. I’m so impressed with the benefits for baby in particular but also mother, all coming from breast-feeding. I am going to do my best to take on this challenge, even if I’ve understood it’s not an easy task for all. I hope reading up about the benefits and how to make sure the baby is getting what it needs, but also about breast-feeding techniques will be of help to get this working. We will see.

I have read this post and found it useful. I have copied it into a document and highlighted important sections I think I will need reminding of when baby is here and will print it and keep it somewhere where I can refer to it.

Skin to skin
Skin to skin

The hedgehog

There’s a hedgehog living where we live. We saw it the first day we moved in and have seen it almost every day we’ve been here. It’s so cute waddling back and forth between the gardens. My sister caught it on camera. Today we bought little Waddell a soft hedgehog at Ikea as a memory of when we moved here. We’ll tell him all about it one day. It’s been through the wash and is ready for the arrival. As are we. Sort of.

The Hedgehog

The real thing from my sister’s blog: http://www.pernillaehnbom.se/igelkott/