Parents weekend

A couple of weekends ago my folks came. It was a combination of wanting to help get us packed, get an idea of the amount of stuff we want to bring over (and tell us to throw stuff out), and to visit us one last time in Maidstone. We spent most of the days they were here in this depressing house.

It’s depressing because of our awful neighbours that I can’t wait to never, ever see or mainly HEAR again. It’s a family consisting of a defensive mum – mostly absent, a hard-working dad (leaves the house through our garden at 4pm) who can’t stop banging, sawing and other diy that never seems to be finished and is always at it’s loudest in our bedroom! They have three teenage kids that never close our garden gate when they use their easement right to walk through there and seem to think their easement right also apply to their friends and their friends’ bicycles. And their family also consist of three very badly treated dogs who spent most of their time in their garden barking, ruining fences and eating each other’s poo.

The other reason why it’s depressing is because it was sunshine outside, for once this year, and the house is very, very dark. We did make the best out of one day though and went to Leeds castle (classic outing).

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Leeds Castle outing, breaking and entering

We went on an outing to Leeds Castle today, just around the corner from us. We came there and realize it was £17 something to get in. It’s a years pass but still… expensive. So we decided to walk around on the outside and see how close we could get to the castle. So we walked around on the grass and came to a “public path”. We were joking about how easy it would be to jump over the little fence especially on some places. So we walked around and passed some sheep and walked through a gate. All of the sudden we noticed we’re on the same path as the paying people. Weird. And we’re getting closer to the castle itself. We follow the signs to the entrance, waiting to get stopped any second and all of the sudden we’re in the castle. Weird. We didn’t even try to get in for free and there we were. And here are the photos:

Peacock socializing
They are so beautiful!
But I think I annoyed after a while
Jon and I took the public path, the “free” path
Saw a black swan, first one I have ever seen, they are so gorgeous! so much cooler that white swans
Leeds Castle
Party times back in the days
Shoe collection for a lady of the 18th hundred or something like that
the black swans were apparently brought to the castle from Australia
Me and Jon in the castle…
Some old lady’s bedroom
Sweet library
Leeds Castle
Carrot cake & Grolsh

More cool black swans
behaving a bit strange

Look at the cool logo for Leeds Castle as well. A black swan in the form of the letters L and C
Lovely Castle
the gardener’s house? who knows…
Black swan jumping in the water

From black to completely white - peacock

More people than us who found this birdie interesting

Another peacock relaxing in the tree.