Sick house fun




We have a family cold. The whole works, all of us. Snotty noses, coughs, sore muscles, fever, and so on. I’m sick of it now and it’s only the second day. I get depressed walking around in PJs all day, feeling like a huge infection, infecting everything I touch…

Good things about a cold though:

– Lots of cuddles from a tired baby & him falling asleep in my arms
– Not smelling the poo diaper smells
– Did my UK tax return – since I was already bored right.


This video that Jon captured is just so cute. He so can walk but it’s all about building confidence. Having a clear goal and a plan seems to work. He seems to be extra confident around this area, but he’s also walked across the kitchen. But he definitely prefers hand holding, or holding on to a finger rather. He comes and grabs one when he wants to go explore. Sweet boy.

Beaten hero

Aiden sleepingWe’re still away in the UK. I’m so pleased Aiden seems happy to be away and doesn’t seem bothered about a slight change in routines for a couple a weeks. He’s warming to the grandparents as well so nicely. Showing off his best sides.

And I’m very pleased his sleeping seems to be “maturing”, getting closer to sleeping “through the night” (= 5-6 hours in one stretch/night). I’m getting very excited about future developments. (making him porridge, food eventually, him sitting.. You know – all that.)

Jon and I were talking on the way back after a walk today that it’s going to be so exciting to see what kind of person he’s going to be. Can’t wait for him to start talking so we can really get to know what’s in that little head. And I also wonder if we’ll think; “You could see he was like that when he was a baby already”.


First awakening & pacify practise

Well look at that – I’m up for the first feed and I’m really awake. Must be that breastfeeding hormone that helps with your sleep. Aiden is fed and had his diaper changed and is falling asleep in my arms as we speak.

Have I told you about the pacifier? We introduced it the other day after speaking to the nurse and she did not think it would interfere with breastfeeding (they say it can cause it’s a different way of sucking and it can make baby confused). But she said we could “start practising”. And practising it is, Aiden just don’t get it at all. He gets the boob, he gets the finger, but he just keeps dropping the dummy! Any suggestions?


Waking up at night does not a baby with sleeping problem make

Aiden daytime sleeping

I read in a book we got from the babycenter that it’s only parents that expect their babies to sleep all night that seems to think their baby has a sleep problem. I.e. babies are supposed to wake up at night. Aiden included. The night before last he was up most of the night and he was really upset and making a fuss about everything. He was fighting the feeding even though that’s exactly what he wants and he did not want to sleep anywhere else than in your arms. Which causes a problem as it’s hard for parents to get sleep with a baby in their arms.

Last night though he was a bit more relaxed, probably because he got some good sleep in and wasn’t so super tired. He did wake up every 2 hours for a feed, but at least he fed without fuss and he did go back to sleep. Only once in his cot, the rest of the night he spent between me and Jon. Which is fine he’s only 3 weeks. I’m just pleased he sleeps without having to be in your arms because that’s not a winning concept.

Babies don’t stabilize their sleep until 3-4 months apparently. So we better just get used to it. I’ve got a book to read during night time feeds (though sometimes I’m too tired), there’s nighttime TV as well. So it’s just a matter of getting with the program and accept our new reality as parents.

This morning auntie Abbey left to go back to Mallorca, yesterday grandma left to go back to England. So all our visitors have left for now. And it’s back to just the 3 of us.

I’m making use of the time this morning when Aiden fell asleep and looks so peaceful, to blog a bit and get some other “household admin tasks” done. Tomorrow I’m going on a post-pregnancy diet. More about that later…

Aiden daytime sleeping

Seeing Jon become a dad

The men of my life <3
The men of my life <3

A friend of mine‘s husband said recently when talking about parenthood they entered into just under a year ago: “It’s very strange seeing your wife become a mother”.

At that time I was a few weeks away from giving birth to Aiden. But his statement resurfaced as soon as Aiden was with us and I thought when seeing Jon at the hospital really getting into the dad role that: “It’s pretty strange to see your husband become a dad as well…”

The way he looks after Aiden makes me love him even more. It’s great to see them bond and form a relationship.

And of course, having a dad interested in helping out taking care of the baby really helps you cope and get into routines etc quicker, I think. So many times during these 3 weeks of Aiden’s life I’ve wondered how single mums or mums carrying the whole load of a new baby because the dad’s uninterested or absent in other ways – do it? How do they do it? All credit to them.

First bath


Aiden had his first bath on Tuesday, as soon as his navel scab thing fell off (although I read afterwards that you can actually bath babies before as well). We’d wet his hair before and he liked this so we were interested to know how the bath would go down. He did not protest at first, he seemed to like it. But I suppose he started feeling the cold and by the time we got him out, he was very upset. Not completely uncommon I suppose.