Saturday boredom

I’m bored! Which goes well with my previous post… eeeh. It’s Saturday though and I am not content with sitting here not doing anything. We’ve had a guiness, had our dinner early (Nandos marinated chicken and potato bake mmm) and I’m making chocolat fudge cake (working on my curves for the beach… :P)

Jon is attached to his computer, he’s recording and playing and stuff. He’s working on a song. Which is brilliant. But it is Saturday so maybe we should do something different from all other evenings. There’s nothing on TV, I’ve done all I feel like doing on the web design front. I don’t feel like reading.

Maybe I should do a bit of sewing… Hm yeah might be a good idea.

Bass haze

Jon and a bass
Jon won the bidding for a bass and used the insurance money to buy it
Jon is making music again. Music, no lyrics. I think he should write me a love song, his mother agrees. But he only writes about miserable things. In general miserable music is so much better so I suppose that’s ok.

Leeds Castle outing, breaking and entering

We went on an outing to Leeds Castle today, just around the corner from us. We came there and realize it was £17 something to get in. It’s a years pass but still… expensive. So we decided to walk around on the outside and see how close we could get to the castle. So we walked around on the grass and came to a “public path”. We were joking about how easy it would be to jump over the little fence especially on some places. So we walked around and passed some sheep and walked through a gate. All of the sudden we noticed we’re on the same path as the paying people. Weird. And we’re getting closer to the castle itself. We follow the signs to the entrance, waiting to get stopped any second and all of the sudden we’re in the castle. Weird. We didn’t even try to get in for free and there we were. And here are the photos:

Peacock socializing

They are so beautiful!

But I think I annoyed after a while

Jon and I took the public path, the “free” path

Saw a black swan, first one I have ever seen, they are so gorgeous! so much cooler that white swans

Leeds Castle

Party times back in the days

Shoe collection for a lady of the 18th hundred or something like that

the black swans were apparently brought to the castle from Australia

Me and Jon in the castle…

Some old lady’s bedroom

Sweet library

Leeds Castle

Carrot cake & Grolsh

More cool black swans

behaving a bit strange

Look at the cool logo for Leeds Castle as well. A black swan in the form of the letters L and C


Lovely Castle

the gardener’s house? who knows…

Black swan jumping in the water

From black to completely white - peacock

More people than us who found this birdie interesting

Another peacock relaxing in the tree.


It is a lovely day today as well! I really hope it lasts till tomorrow when Jon’s off work so we can be out all day! It’s a funny thing here in the UK. As soon as the sun shows itself, even if it’s still cold outside (although the last few days it’s been really warm) people start taking their clothes off everywhere. Making use of every sunny moment. Why not? I had a summer dress on today.

Had a very giving meeting with a mentor from the Trust today and it seems that he will be my mentor. I am looking forward to getting some direction and ideas bounced off him. I am inspired and motivated.

Another thing that I have been thinking about from different perspective lately is my inability to accept help. When it comes to asking for rides somewhere, or help in other perspective I find it very difficult. It’s not that I think I’m wonder woman and capable of everything. It’s just that I don’t want to be a burden and I suppose, want to sort things out myself. But it is not a sign of defeat to ask for help. And I need to let people help out once in a while.


They had a whole item on the morning show Breakfast BBC this morning about young girls behaviour towards one another. A woman had been studying the behaviour and looked into what has been done since she was 9 when she was bullied by other girls. She started seeing the same behaviour when she had a daughter herself.

They mentioned comments like “She’s my best friend, but she also bullies me”, that shows that girls in young age sees this as normal. Horrible isn’t it?

Anyway, they didn’t have time to go into it in depth as they never do in these morning shows. But it is certainly interesting.

It’s a bit sneaky with girls in this age though because they usually do their bullying and scheaming in the dark and it might be difficult for adults to notice. And also, as soon as there’s boys around in school etc they usually get all the attention or a group of them at least for fighting and being noisy.

I suppose with series like Gossip Girl it’s not strange that girls start adapting weird behaviour. I mean, I find that show quite amusing and it’s ok to watch sometimes or every week. But in early age, does young girls realize that this is not a way to behave? That you should not stir up drama and gossip and be venditious and nasty? Or do they think that because the leading stars of shows like this act really nasty towards each other and still are so called “best friends” that that is the way to behave? Maybe. Maybe this actually is a part of why this behaviour exist.

It was interesting anyway that they discussed this in the morning show. Want to hear more!

I need to work now. Will write my business plan and prep for the event in 2 weeks time. Yay! Lovely day, I’ve been out already today and it’s like 19C. Spring – bring it on!

That reminds me; I need to take out my summer clothes. Maybe should sell some off (so I can buy some new)

New babis love


It’s funny, Jon says Babis instead of Bäbis (swedish for baby). This is a joke only my swedish readers will get because most people don’t know how to pronounce “ä” differently from “a”. Anywaaaay, I recieved my new “babis” as it is so popular to call your electronical devices. I have bought a new laptop. Or my company has.

Speaking of that, I really need to get that website up asap. I am attending a pre-event next week for an event in April. Need to get a lot of things sorted before that. It’s a business to business event called Kent 2020 and I will use it to do my market research and promote my business hopefully.

I had the worst day ever yesterday. Well not EVER maybe, but it wasn’t good put it that way. For some reason I couldn’t see anything positively. I went to body pump even though I did not feel like it at all, but after that it actually felt so much better. I didn’t feel like going btw because I didn’t feel like socializing. As if you socialize a lot during a class. But that might explain how little I wanted to. Unbelievable though how physical workout can change your mental state. I was happy when Jon got home though and I could vent, complain and hug a bit.

Need to work now. See ya