Alfie Atkins

I hate my laptop. It’s such a dusty slow running noise machine. And it’s not even that old. ButI need a new one, I really do.

Jon just came to tell me that he’s going to bed and that I should too. I won’t just out of stubbornness. I go to bed before him almost every night because I’m so exhausted. If I have a bit of energy to stay up and get some alone time by the computer I will sacrifice some valuable sleep and hope for the best.

At the moment – despite lack of sleep and a high maintenance baby – I’m very excited about some private web projects, house DIY projects and some knitting projects. I’ll share some stuff soon.

We spent the weekend in Gothenburg. It was so nice to get away and see a pregnant Sofia & Samuel and some other friends briefly. It flew by and I took almost no photos at all except this one on Saturday morning when meeting Mattias.

I used the automatic setting because it was so dark and I’m not good enough with the camera and I knew I didn’t have much time and as I shoot this photo, Mattias turns to Jon awkwardly; “Take him now” haha

He looked at Aiden and said; “He looks a little bit like Alfons Ã…berg” (a Swedish cartoon – Alfie Atkins)

I wanted to see more people in Gothenburg but there was too little time, I wanted to look in the shops but there were too many xmas shoppers, I wanted to take more photos because I dragged the camera all the way there – but it was too dark and I knew the photos wouldn’t come out good.

I’m really happy about the people we did see though and that everything went OK at this first baby travel attempt.

Blog move, gym & Sweden visit

Hiya, I haven’t forgotten to blog, it’s just that I’m planning to move my blog. And I’ve been busy with other things along side creating my new blog design etc. I’m excited about it though and can’t wait to move it over. Soon.

Jon & I managed to get to the gym this morning. He’s working evening shifts this week. He starts at 12.30 but we’ve been tooo tired to get up in time to go to the gym before that. Insane I know, how lazy can you get. Jon’s become obsessed by Entourage (me too, but not as much coz I’m working on other stuff most of the time). Love discovering series late coz then you have lots of seasons to work through.

This morning we made it to the gym though. Last Monday we met with a PT at our gym to get a personalized workout routine. We cycle a bit to warm up, do some interval training on the treadmill, running – jogging. Then some x-trainer for 10 mins. Hate hate that one. Can get the arms and legs to move in a good tempo haha… But I hate the rowing more, which is after that. 2000 m. My technique is so bad, need to ask someone. Jon was trying to give me advice it ended with me all redfaced and exhausted yelling at him to shut up, haha… Like he’s some sorta personal trainer giving ME advice ;)

My time keeps getting worse and worse so I’ll get someone to show me properly where I go wrong. We finish off with some walking uphills. I like it. Tried to push myself today on the running part.

We’re seeing the PT again in a month’s time to review the program, get some strength work in there.

I am booked for spinning tonight but I might skip it. I could do it, but it’s just raining and in general miserable outside and I have some reading to do. Trying to get a hang of this programming language. I’m so bad at reading though! I think I’m so used to always doing at least 2 things at the same time. But you can’t really do that when reading. I’ll try and get some chapters done though with 20 min intervals to keep the concentration.

Tomorrow we’re flying off to Sweden in the morning to see mum & dad. Will be a short visit this time, but at least it’s a visit.


We came back from Wales yesterday evening. Went camping with a few friends over the Bank holiday wknd. The weather turned out to be alright and we did an awesome trip up Snowdon mountain. Cool place, cool experience. Will definitely go mountain walking/climbing again. My legs were killing me today though. This is me and Jon at some waterfall on the way back to P’boro.


Back to work today. Which is hard as it is, after a long weekend, but being under staffed and snowed under as well doesn’t help, so I got in a bit of a bad mood. Tomorrow is the audit. Hopefully everything will be ok, and it might actually.
I’m dying of thirst so I’ll stop here. bye