A week of parental leave end

With grandpa Lasse

So this week has come to an end and tomorrow it’s back to work. Aiden is still awake as his sleep schedule is a bit all over the place. Due to summer maybe. And us dragging him around everywhere, where it’s waaay too exciting to sleep so his naps aren’t when they should be.

It’s been a good week and I only work two more weeks and then we’re off to the UK. So all is good. I will miss little A tomorrow as I’ve become so used to being with him 24/7.

One of the days spent on a beach, Aiden inhaling a smoothie.
Feeling very confident with his sun glasses
3 generations of Waddell

Waking up at night does not a baby with sleeping problem make

Aiden daytime sleeping

I read in a book we got from the babycenter that it’s only parents that expect their babies to sleep all night that seems to think their baby has a sleep problem. I.e. babies are supposed to wake up at night. Aiden included. The night before last he was up most of the night and he was really upset and making a fuss about everything. He was fighting the feeding even though that’s exactly what he wants and he did not want to sleep anywhere else than in your arms. Which causes a problem as it’s hard for parents to get sleep with a baby in their arms.

Last night though he was a bit more relaxed, probably because he got some good sleep in and wasn’t so super tired. He did wake up every 2 hours for a feed, but at least he fed without fuss and he did go back to sleep. Only once in his cot, the rest of the night he spent between me and Jon. Which is fine he’s only 3 weeks. I’m just pleased he sleeps without having to be in your arms because that’s not a winning concept.

Babies don’t stabilize their sleep until 3-4 months apparently. So we better just get used to it. I’ve got a book to read during night time feeds (though sometimes I’m too tired), there’s nighttime TV as well. So it’s just a matter of getting with the program and accept our new reality as parents.

This morning auntie Abbey left to go back to Mallorca, yesterday grandma left to go back to England. So all our visitors have left for now. And it’s back to just the 3 of us.

I’m making use of the time this morning when Aiden fell asleep and looks so peaceful, to blog a bit and get some other “household admin tasks” done. Tomorrow I’m going on a post-pregnancy diet. More about that later…

Aiden daytime sleeping

Visitors & baby attention

Only a baby can draw this kind of attention!

Jon’s sister and mum are still here. Jon, me and Aiden are a bit slow out the door in the mornings, we’re still rookie parents. But we’ve managed to do quite a few outings so far. The other day we went to Stenvik. Although it turned out to mainly be an effort to keep Aiden out of the sun and happy at the same time. When we finally gave up, we went back to our place and spent some time on our porch, sitting talking while Aiden slept.

Jon’s family visiting

Grandparents are visiting from England and auntie from Mallorca. We haven’t done a lot but that’s probably due to everything taking so much time with a baby. As all you parents already know. But today we had an outing to Trosa (a seaside city north of Nyköping) and Stendörren (a nature reserve).

First grand child
First grand child


Walking to the store, looking around our local surrounding a bit
Walking to the store, looking around our local surrounding a bit
Happy dad
Happy dad

Bob-&-Elaine-007 Bob-&-Elaine-008

Our little family
Our little family


Unprioritized blog post

As soon as I pull up a new post in the back-end of this blog I go blank. Things are happening all the time, and find myself thinking a lot; “I should blog about that!” But I don’t at the moment. Mainly it’s because my mind is so occupied with all the rest that is going on at the moment I suppose; late pregnancy and big move in a few days. It’s not even what actually NEEDS doing, but all the thinking and planning that really tires me out.

The ferry my mum and dad was supposed to take from Denmark to England tomorrow has been canceled due to a crash. It needs preparing all week. DFDS could re-book them for Saturday and them arriving on Sunday, but our journey back is in the afternoon on Sunday – a trip that couldn’t be re-booked or refunded. Thanks a lot DFDS! Just got an email from them saying; “Our customer services team is working hard to find alternative transportation routes for all passengers booked on to the cancelled sailings.”All I was met with when asking what we should do instead was silence. All she told me what was she couldn’t help me with.

Our ferry
Our ferry

So the options we had, was to get the trip coming here refunded and mum and dad driving all the way to France for the ferry there. So Jon will fly over to Copenhagen to meet up with them and help drive the camper van down here. I’m glad it’s sorted now, but definitely a headache we didn’t need.

We’re so reliant on everything working out perfectly with this move. So hopefully the rest will.

But so many other good things have happened that I want to share. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law came over a couple a weekends ago to help out practically. And we also had time for some social catch up. I also finished work at the office in Richmond. Very mixed emotions, but luckily work was coming through to the very last hour and things felt “normal”, which makes it feel a little less sad about it, as it didn’t really feel like it would be my very last day in the office. Also, the company barbecue turned into a baby shower and all my workmates had all pitched in and got me and the baby such lovely gifts! Very thoughtful and useful. I’m so touched.

I’m really touched by all the gifts we have received already and all the offers of help we’ve had as well. We’ve got lovely baby clothes, bought and homemade, from people we don’t even know personally!

Compared to all the other moves Jon and I have done, this time we are so reliant on help. So it’s been such a relief having especially family, but also friends, seeing this and offering to help in different ways. Thank you all!

Here’s some photos from when Abbey and Elaine was in Maidstone:

Although Jon & Abbey ended up with a long discussion on Apple vs Android. He he Some Indian after a busy day in the house Had to have some frozen yoghurt Dropped Abbey at Stratford

Barbecue turn baby shower:

Lovely day for an office barbecue I ate the C. Resulting in some rat songs and rat son. (And yes I know - way too much alcohol to be a baby shower! :D) Matt, Mark, Alex and Andrea

Parents weekend

A couple of weekends ago my folks came. It was a combination of wanting to help get us packed, get an idea of the amount of stuff we want to bring over (and tell us to throw stuff out), and to visit us one last time in Maidstone. We spent most of the days they were here in this depressing house.

It’s depressing because of our awful neighbours that I can’t wait to never, ever see or mainly HEAR again. It’s a family consisting of a defensive mum – mostly absent, a hard-working dad (leaves the house through our garden at 4pm) who can’t stop banging, sawing and other diy that never seems to be finished and is always at it’s loudest in our bedroom! They have three teenage kids that never close our garden gate when they use their easement right to walk through there and seem to think their easement right also apply to their friends and their friends’ bicycles. And their family also consist of three very badly treated dogs who spent most of their time in their garden barking, ruining fences and eating each other’s poo.

The other reason why it’s depressing is because it was sunshine outside, for once this year, and the house is very, very dark. We did make the best out of one day though and went to Leeds castle (classic outing).

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