What does a programmer look like?

I went for a run on my lunch break today as well, I’ve been on a every other day thing for a couple of weeks now and I didn’t really wanna break it, but to be honest, I think I might have needed another rest day coz my hips are kind of hurting. I’m limping around at work. I did try and take it very easy and stretch a lot, but I don’t know if that’s a good idea coz I’m over flexible…

At my current assignment you always see people running during lunch breaks and in the summer you see classes outside. There’s mostly engineers where I am now, but I seem to think I’ve noticed this in the developer world too. People get out and move. The old stereotypes of the immobile basement programmer living off junk food and jolt is dead, well it should be.

Physical activity and smartness is scientifically proven to be linked, so anyone interested in coming up with tricky, clever and creative solutions need to realise this.

A programmer could also look like this awesome Victoria Secret’s model and be an amazing developer with ridiculous amount of Stack overflow points. Lyndsey Scott;

This is also what a programmer could look like

Slowly getting stronger

Olga Rnnberg

I’m basing my training on this book. It’s got exercises especially for new mum’s. I said yesterday is so boring doing them, it’s got nothing to do with the book itself. It’s just that my body is so weak and I’m not enjoying the exercise yet. But I can tell a difference so it’s well worth and I will continue. I do the training three times a week but the plank the other three days with a walk for example. And the last day is rest day (yes I didn’t forget a week is seven days).

I’ll let you know how it goes!

More boring than usual – training

ExercisesSo haven’t written much about my workouts lately, have I? Well, I haven’t been great at doing them to be honest. They’re just so boring! But I will persevere though. I will. I’ve done them tonight, so that’s 2 times out of 3 this week. And I reeeeally didn’t feel like it tonight. Oh well it’s done.

Think as soon as I’m done with these “find your muscles after birth” exercises I will maybe do some Body Pump again. Even if it’s not the most effective strength training, I know I like it and since I’m so out of shape it will do something. And I need to find the joy in training again. But another few weeks with these uninspiring exercises I suppose…

“Go play outside!” – about Melatonin, sleep & general wellbeing

collage3Perfect days for walks with A. Good for me and good for him. You know when you were little and your mum was always on your case about playing outdoors. It was always with the undertone that it’s good for you. When you’re little you don’t know why it’s good to be outdoors really, and I’m not sure my mum really new why either. I just realise the enormous benefits recently when reading about the hormone Melatonin in relation with regulating an infants sleep.

Up until 10 weeks babies don’t produce this hormone themselves. However, it’s found in nighttime breast milk – explaining the night feeds in the beginning of babies lives. The production of Melatonin is dependent on darkness (the body is just so awesomely created). That’s why they recommend you feed in darkness in the night so you don’t interfere with the hormone production.

You should also stop the production during the day so that you don’t disturb the sleep pattern. Sitting indoors doesn’t do this. So in summary; to give your body the best chance of regulating yours and your baby’s sleep is to be outdoors during the days so that the production of this hormone works as it should during the night.

Melatonin also has a connection with the production of another hormone; serotonin. This is linked with depression. In other words; it wasn’t just something your mother said when you were little (or like in my case; she still keeps telling me even though I’m well aware already) to get you out of the house. There is an actual reason.

This also explains advice given to people suffering from depression. Sitting indoors, or sleeping too much, which is what you want to do when you’re depressed makes you more depressed. Forcing yourself outdoors is not just to force some sort of activity on youhoping this will help you feel better. There’s an actual chemical reaction in the body that will help with better sleep and in effect productions of hormones controlling your mood.

Before I knew I was pregnant I bought Melatonin supplement as I read this was a good supplement to help you sleep better, which helps with your mood, depression and weight control. Yes, it helps with your weight as well to be outdoors – not just from the walk or whatever but the light outside. I haven’t dared to take the supplement during pregnancy/breastfeeding. But – the body knows how to do this itself. Sleep in total darkness & be outdoors!

We’re going into a season where daytime light is very limited. So it can be stressful to make time to get out during the little window of opportunity every day. But it’s well worth it for your sanity! A reminder for myself and maybe someone else.


Two months of Aiden

Aiden hit a record yesterday and went over 6 hours between feeds. He woke up his first time at 3am something. He didn’t want to go back to sleep after though, he was just lying on the sofa smiling and laughing. As I’ve got a lot of sleep in as well, I wasn’t very tired so could easily sit up with him (not like I had a choice, but you know – I wasn’t a wreck). I tried not to stimulate him to much though, as I’ve read babies shouldn’t connect night time feeding with something fun. For that reason I usually feed in the dark almost and keep it very quite. And rarely change his diaper. Unless there’s a massive poo, cause that can’t be very nice to sleep with. It’s also good to breastfeed in the night for the melatonin levels, as they are produced in darkness and they go over to the breast milk and this is what will help him regulate his sleep until he starts producing it himself.

Anyway, he soon fell asleep this morning and slept for another 3 hours! Shock. And now he’s sleeping again. So after a week of very patchy sleep and cranky Aiden, he’s making up for it. And I’m getting some well deserved long sleeps.

What else? Well I haven’t blogged for a little while again. Don’t know, it’s hard to get going. And hard to find the time naturally. But also, I have a new design in mind, but don’t have the time to work on it. Think I will be really inspired once it’s in place.

I’m slowly working on changing my eating habits. Drastically reduce white carbs, sugar (which is basically two words for the same thing), gluten and dairy. And obviously everything processed. And eat more protein. It’s hard though changing habits, but I’m going to keep trying and remind myself it doesn’t have to be perfect. Every change matters.

I saw Runkeeper have training schedules in their app now and I’m so excited to start running again but not sure when I’ll be ready for it. I’m doing my Olga Rönnberg exercises to get back in contact with muscles again.

It’s been nice days for walks as well, which is good. Even though Jon and I are forcing ourselves out in our afternoon tiredness. But you feel better once you’re out.

Little Miss Onebar: I’m only putting my Runkeeper on! Not ignoring my child ;D


Sleep and fighting feelings of guilt

I’m trying really hard not to feel guilty about sleeping all day. Well “all” day meaning in between feeds/diapers and cooking food. And Aiden awake time.

I shouldn’t feel guilty, I should feel happy as it’s the best I can do for myself right now. I’ve been so tired and I still feel tired, so the daytime sleep obviously wasn’t enough.

I’ve been feeling a bit of the baby blues the last few days. So sleeping is really a priority and the best I can do for me and “plutten”.

It’s weird you end up feeling lazy and guilty about it though.

Yesterday I saw on the morning show on TV an Indian doctor saying that in India when a woman has a baby, family and friends come in and cook and take care of your family and you have maids cleaning and all you have to do is stay in bed and take care of your baby and breastfeed.

And she said in Sweden it’s so much more pressure on mothers.

Anyway I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to sleep today. And I’m pushing away any other feelings popping up.

Yesterday I aimed too high instead and was going to take a walk into town. I only made it to the bin after getting ready for ages, searching for my keys, realising Aiden’s diaper needed changing all while he was unhappy and screaming. He never stopped screaming and by the time I got to the bins I needed the toilet again and I was shaking from exhaustion and using all my energy to get ready. So we turned back home and eventually we both fell asleep instead.

I haven’t kept up with my exercises or my diet really. Another area where I’m trying not to pressure myself too much, but then you know deep down that eating really well and getting the exercise in, will give you energy. But it’s a balance, and I think I needed not to be stressing about it right now.


Aiden has started smiling at us. It’s lovely! And he “talks”. And he’s holding his head up and looking around for ages.

Cycling in Nyköping

Jon a happy cyclist with a ball for his little son to come

We went to get the bikes mum and dad had promised us and cycled home through a very summery Nyköping.

Nykping is pretty pretty after all
Nyköping is pretty pretty after all
Jon a happy cyclist with a ball for his little son to come
Jon a happy cyclist with a ball for his little son to come
Even bigger than biggest managed to get in the bike. It was actually a relief to get off my feet to be fair.
Even bigger than biggest managed to get in the bike. It was actually a relief to get off my feet to be fair.
Jon felt the sense of freedom and shot off on his bike. I was a lot slower.
Jon felt the sense of freedom and shot off on his bike. I was a lot slower.
Lovely Swedish summer evening
Lovely Swedish summer evening