Getting back into shape (and clothes)

Chicken fajita salad for lunch
Chicken fajita salad for lunch

As I mentioned yesterday – I’ve started a “diet” today. By that I mean that I’m making a conscious effort to eat healthier and lose weight. I’m not jumping on any fad diets, but rather concocting my own one based on knowledge I have from reading books about food & nutrition. But to give some indication of the main points of it is that I eat more protein, no white carbs – rather slow carbs, no dairy and no sugar. I’m using some Paleo recipes I have and making some stuff up as I go along.

I’m being quite strict about the diet starting off as I need a good start, but the goal is to change my habits altogether so it will need some compromise eventually. But first I need to see some changes. Also of course, I’m hoping the improved diet will have a positive on Aiden through the breastfeeding.

Weight wise I ended up over 90 kilos a few weeks before giving birth. Now I’m down to 76 kg. So I need to lose another ~10 kg to be happy. If kg tell anyone anything. It’s really about cm and clothes isn’t it?

So why am I sharing this? Well, studies show that there’s few keys to succeeding with a change of habit/diet. Changing your diet is one of the most difficult things you can do. But it has been shown that sharing your challenge works as a motivator. And also keeping records of your progress. So this is what I will do, that I hope will help me succeed:

  • Blog about my “get fit” project
  • Take photos of food I eat as this has been proven to make you more aware of what you eat
  • Take photos of myself (before/after)
  • Weigh myself (this is not a good measurement by itself though as there are many factors to your daily weight)
  • Body measurements

I will also start exercising eventually, but I’m still recovering from giving birth so at the moment I find even walks hard to do. I do them though but how exciting to report back on is that? As I start with some exercise I’m sure I will share some of that as well. Anyway, blogging about it is a way to keep me motivated and on track, so hope you don’t mind me sharing this part of my life as well.

Monday food schedule:

Breakfast Paleo pancakes with cashew nut butter, served with raspberries, blueberries and maple syrup
Lunch Chicken fajita salad
Snack Eggs with broccoli, carrots, ham and mushrooms
Dinner Meatballs with cauliflower & broccoli, cream sauce (with coconut milk instead of cream) and lingon berry jam and beetroot.


Home-made Sushi

I am making sushi for the first time ever. The rice is boiling away as we speak.

Had the last day of the course I’ve been attending. It was a brilliant day today and all four days have been really beneficial. I really hope I will be able to get a mentor through the Trust to help and support me in my plans. I am really inspired and excited though and keen to get going. The problem is that I want to do EVERYTHING NOW!

Met some really nice people on the course, I think I might even miss them… hehe

The next step within this program is to meet on a one-on-one and discuss the business idea/plan further. I have notice about myself, I think this might apply to more people, that just start saying things aloud helps in taking you a bit step closer to that reality. For me, it feels like I am having to change or adjust my whole identity. What started with a whisper: “I want to be a web designer” slowly gets louder and louder until you one day say it out loud. But I need to drop a few words I seem to sneak in when I discuss this:

“I am trying to start up as a freelance web designer”

Fishy business


Jon’s working afternoon shift this week, so I made salmon tonight. He doesn’t like any fish. So unfortunately we don’t eat a lot of fish. Tonight I made marinated salmon and it was sooo nice. Can highly recommend it. Had it with mango salsa. Tomorrow – Sushi.

Salmon fillet marinated in soy sauce, ginger, coriander, chutney and lime juice. SO, lovely!

Today I attended the first day at the course so I went on the bus to Sittingbourne. Since I spend most of my time nowadays at home alone, it was nice to get out and meet some people and learn some new things. Although, it must have been very unusual for me cause by the end of the day I had the worst headache. Migraine-like headache. Haven’t experienced that in a long time. Feel better now after a pain pill and some food. And later tonight I will go to body pump. Need to keep up with the routine, but also I think it might do my headache good. Move the muscles and get the blood circulating.

Tomorrow is another day on the course. It is nice to be around people that are at a similar stage as myself and have the same thoughts and fears. It is also nice to speak to the volunteering mentors and the tutor and make most use of their experience and expertise. After the course, we get a mentor for the next 2 years that we see on a regular basis to get business advice and direction. Really liking that idea.

Compared to how I felt November last year when I starting going in this direction, I feel so much more certain that self employment is for me, that I would enjoy it a lot.

Money for food

Microsoft Nutritional database

Well, not too bad. 2 out of 3 turned up so I earned an honest 20. I was so exhausted by all the social contact so I fell asleep, when Jon found me he joined and we woke up by my mobile ringing. We missed the gym’s opening hours. :/ Have to do our routine tomorrow.

One of the wardrobes I am selling, the last one actually!

Jon is making pie, we’re having traditional pie, mash and gravy tonight. Yum!

I have been reading up on food, diets and working out. I am more confused than ever. Don’t know how to go about this eating business. Had a conversation with mum yesterday and I was all worked up, it is so tiring to have to plan so much food wise all the time.

Oh well, I will continue with this database thing. It seem to cover all the various aspects of food. To eat what you need but not too much of certain stuff. It gives you a recommended calorie intake with regards to your BMI. It’s a maximum calorie intake per day but also a maximum Fat calorie, Carb calorie and Protein intake, which means you can’t eat just chips one day until you filled your calorie maximum (unfortunately). So I suppose it is a balanced way of eating. I realize I won’t be able to do this EVERY day for the rest of my life, but I’m thinking it will make me more aware and give me an idea of what works for me. I want to up my metabolism. So weight training and eating like this should do the trick. I hope!

This is a print screen of this database (if you have access you can download it from microsofts website, it’s called Nutrition). You can follow your weight-loss (if you have one) and you record all food you eat in the diary and then make sure that it doesn’t go above the calories recommended to either lose, stay or gain weight.

You might think I think a lot about my weight and what I eat. And you are right. I have a normal BMI but it is at the very upper level of the scale. My weight curve is not going in the right direction and I need to stop it. Besides, I want to be fit, healthy and feel good. Food and exercise is the key. So since it is on my mind a lot it will end up in my blog as well. I am not obsessed though, and I hope you don’t get too bored. Maybe to some extent it might even inspire? If you have some thoughts let me know!

Cambridge outing and food food food

Jon came home from work yesterday morning to find me still in bed. For every normal person that would be normal, to still be in bed at 10.30 am on a Saturday. But since Jon was up at 5.30 for work both Sat & Sun he was shocked to find me in bed. He was also hyper on 4 cups of coffee so he had this plan to take me to Cambridge. I had plans to study and prep food and bake bread, but they that could wait right…?
So it’s Sunday now and I have officially 4 days left at work. Friday I will be unemployed. Not looking forward to the whole job hunting thing, but it might make way for something new and interesting. I am trying to stay positive and not worry too much.
Here some pics from the weekend:

Cambridge ready
Nice day in Cambridge but cold cold cold, or so thought the sunflowers.

Jon waiting.
Jon was waiting for me outside a store, waste of time running around stores torturing myself when I have no money to buy anything with.

Jon in Cambridge
Caroline in Cambridge
I started cooking. Emma at work, her friend went to Thailand and went on a cooking course. This is the recipe she got there for authentic red thai curry. With homemade red curry paste.
ChilliesMaking the pasteRed thai curry paste
I cheated a bit with the paste. You’re suppose to use a mortar, but I just made it in the food processor.

Authentic red thai curry

Mmm it turned out really nice. Jon couldn’t eat it though, it was too hot he thought. And I didn’t even use half the paste I was suppose to use. :D
Lots of food, this is turning in to some sorta food blog. oh well, bare with me…

A life in pics

Rabbit gift

I’ve started taking random photos which is always a good start to waking up this blog again.

Rabbit gift

 The rabbit I got from Mr and Mrs Nilsson when I moved to the UK. Very nice indeed!
Long exposure

 Jon and I were experimenting with long exposures settings on the camera.

Mango & carrot
 Mango and carrot, am and pm snack at work. Mmm love our Market in town.
Grapefruit juice & musli
 Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and musli.
 Body pump @ home


 One of the recipes I’m making this weekend, who would’ve known I’d become such a food freak. From being a single girl eating take out every night, not being able to cook anything from doing all sorts of foreign stuffs. It’s fun!
Asian groceries
Went crazy in the Chinese store in town
It was raining this morning. A lot!

Food crazy


I have turned food crazy. Bought two new cooking books (cheap at the Book People). But tonight I made two new recipes (not from the books above though.

I made mexican corn on the cob with parmesan and chilli and a Butternut squash & Ginger soup. Butternut squash is my new favourite after my sister-in-law did it when we visited last time. It’s divine.. I even treated myself for a beer.

Jon reckoned the soup was too hot for him (it had chili powder in it). More for me and hello lunch tomorrow!


Window pic.

Weekend update with Caroline Waddell


So another weekend passed. Back to work tomorrow and that makes me as cheerful as always. It’s not really that I don’t like work it’s just that there’s a lot of stuff up in the air at the moment, and I can’t wait for things to settle down a bit. Then there’s a few stuff on my private agenda that’s occupying my mind at the moment, my sis’ wedding in a couple of weeks time not to say the least. Here’s some pics that describes my weekend.

Bicycle bell

Reflection in bicycle bell

I finally bought a new bell to my bike, after the horn was stolen. This is huge, apparently a remake of a classic bell.

I also bought a new plant, and replanted my herbs, basil and mint.

Carrot bread
I was a busy bee in the kitchen on Friday and made carrot bread. Turned out really nice if I may say so myself.
Starter; garlic soup with croutons Garlic soup

Starter, Garlic soup with croutons…

Butternut squash pasta

Main was baked butternut squash with cream flavored noodles. Mmmmm….

I was too full to take photos of the dessert, but it was just a few scopes of Ben & Jerry’s caramel chew.

Running routine mess

Really annoying, did not manage to get up this morning either for a run. Fell asleep straight away again. But it’s not like it’s easier to get up 2 hrs later either. HAVE to try to get up tomorrow. I want to run every other day, that’s the routine I am trying to get into. I have been  trying for a few weeks to go register at the local sports center and pay-as-you-go to spinning classes and pilates. It hasn’t happened yet. It is SO difficult when you go home first, and not straight from work. I will go tomorrow though. Friday afternoon. Do a bit of spinning.
I have done my 10 days of diet now. I did cheat and had a cookie last night, but I chose to and I did not get ill so all good. I have lost 10 kg all together now, which feels really great.
But as I told my sister and niece when Skyping to them the other day; It is just proof of the boring city I am living in, when I can go for a total of 20 days without eating or drinking during the summer months! I would never have pulled that off in Gothenburg. There the temptation of a Barbecue and drinking wine by the river every evening during May thru to Aug/Sept is too big. This is just ridiculous.

Evening run instead

Yes! We did go for a run, in the evening and not morning, but we still went for a run TODAY. And we did not hit a bad time either even though it was the first run in ages for Jon and I am still on my diet and haven’t been out for a while either.
Speaking of the Lemonade diet. I do believe it’s a brilliant diet. People around me have expressed concern about the whole not-eating-thing, but it is just for 10 days. You don’t die from not eating solid food for ten days, besides, I am getting what I need through the lemonade and I am drinking plenty of water. The biggest proof for me that this diet is not harmful, is how I feel. If I was starving myself and my body lacking – I would not feel this good.
But saying that, I am really looking forward to eating soon. I think that’s probably why I’ve become so obsessed with my new recipe book on the computer. I have finished putting all my fav recipes in there. That’s were they will all go from now on. Only recipes I like and eat on a regular basis. It’s fabulous. And inspiring. I hate when we get into a routine and make the same food over and over again. BORING.