Sweet, sweet potato

An alternative to baked potato is baked sweet potato. Why? Well, just if you have a desire to stay away from the starch in the potato maybe. Or just want a change for the sake of a change. We had it the other night, no correction – I had it. Jon had baked potato. He is very suspicious of anything different.

Baked Sweet Potato
Baked Sweet Potato, looking very stylish but lonely on my plate
Baked, cut sweet potato
Baked, cut sweet potato
No more sweet potato...
No more sweet potato… I ate it with butter (of course), salt and a dip made of greek yogurt, feta cheese and red onion.

Paleo cookies & spicy soup for the sick

Paleo chocolate chip cookies

I finally got around to making this soup recipe I’ve been trying to make all week, but failed to do due to illness. I wish I would have done it sooner though, because I think it’s been good for my cold. It had quite the kick to it and ginger & chilli are both great for symptoms of cold.

I also put together a batch of Paleo cookies while I was at it. They are a bit softer than what you’d expect from a cookie – but oh so tasty. Here’s where I found the recipes:

Hot, Indian chicken soup (Google translate its’ ass should you not know Swedish)

Paleo chocolate chip cookies

Spicy Indian chicken soup
Spicy Indian chicken soup
Paleo chocolate chip cookies
Paleo chocolate chip cookies

Zucchini lasagna

Zucchini lasagne in the making

I made zucchini lasagna yesterday. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while and it did not disappoint! Not only is it lacking empty carbs (pasta) but I also made the sauce with coconut flour and cream, so wheat free. I also threw in some spinach just because I had some at home. Now I have lovely leftovers as well for a few days. Win win. Win win win.

About the food

As I’ve mentioned I’m trying to make some lasting changes in my diet. I’m very interested in food and the benefits of including/excluding certain things in a diet. I read a lot and discuss it a lot. I am working on finding a non dramatic way of changing my own diet so that it will become a way of life as I’m only implementing what I’ve learnt in waves.

I used to feel so confused about all the contradictory advice given regarding diets. I don’t any more. I feel like I know what is beneficial and why it is. It’s still hard to always follow it, as what we choose to eat isn’t always logical.

So what does this include, my changes? Well in short; I stay away from white carbs, gluten, grains, lactose and sugar as much as I can. I’m not allergic to any of it, but I am convinced I feel better physically and mentally when excluding it. Having said that, there is some cream involved still and there will be cheeses involved in the future, if yet limited. It won’t be a 100% I don’t think, but I want my main food intake to be free from these things.

One of the trickiest thing to change, I find, is breakfast. The best is to eat a breakfast that is like a main meal really, high in protein. But we are so entrenched in our habits in society and most breakfast foods consist of bread, dairy etc. They have a certain structure. So changing this is difficult.

Another tricky thing for me is my snacking. But I know the craving will fade the longer I go without doing it. Snacked tonight though. Ooops. I also find it difficult to eat enough, when eating like this. I should really have protein of like 3 eggs in the mornings – I can’t stomach that! But yeah, I’m sure I’ll find my way soon enough.

I really like cooking and planning food. But obviously with a little one and other commitments it’s hard to get the time to do it properly. It’s the biggest challenge to making these changes – not being able to plan and then slip up because of that. But eventually I will get the thinking and the habit and it will become easier. There’s a lot of fun recipes out on the web now (Paleo, gluten-free etc) and I have rearranged my recipes so that I can access them on my laptop, tablet and mobile. That also helps.

Anyway here’s some examples from the last week of what I’m eating. By the way Zucchini pasta is the best pasta substitute I’ve tried so far. In the past I’ve tried all these carb free noodles and seaweeds, baked my own and what have you not. But I really like Zucchini pasta.

1/ Really lovely chai tea pancakes (almond milk and coconut flour) with berries and quark for breakfast.
2/ Zucchini pasta fried in garlic with pine nuts, beef and sausage (leftovers) and cream sauce (not really ok but an exception)
3/ DInner with Shiitake chicken and fried cabbage
4/ Protein pancakes with cottage cheese and eggs


Tom Kai Ga
Tom Kai Ga – Chicken soup for dinner.

Two months of Aiden

Aiden hit a record yesterday and went over 6 hours between feeds. He woke up his first time at 3am something. He didn’t want to go back to sleep after though, he was just lying on the sofa smiling and laughing. As I’ve got a lot of sleep in as well, I wasn’t very tired so could easily sit up with him (not like I had a choice, but you know – I wasn’t a wreck). I tried not to stimulate him to much though, as I’ve read babies shouldn’t connect night time feeding with something fun. For that reason I usually feed in the dark almost and keep it very quite. And rarely change his diaper. Unless there’s a massive poo, cause that can’t be very nice to sleep with. It’s also good to breastfeed in the night for the melatonin levels, as they are produced in darkness and they go over to the breast milk and this is what will help him regulate his sleep until he starts producing it himself.

Anyway, he soon fell asleep this morning and slept for another 3 hours! Shock. And now he’s sleeping again. So after a week of very patchy sleep and cranky Aiden, he’s making up for it. And I’m getting some well deserved long sleeps.

What else? Well I haven’t blogged for a little while again. Don’t know, it’s hard to get going. And hard to find the time naturally. But also, I have a new design in mind, but don’t have the time to work on it. Think I will be really inspired once it’s in place.

I’m slowly working on changing my eating habits. Drastically reduce white carbs, sugar (which is basically two words for the same thing), gluten and dairy. And obviously everything processed. And eat more protein. It’s hard though changing habits, but I’m going to keep trying and remind myself it doesn’t have to be perfect. Every change matters.

I saw Runkeeper have training schedules in their app now and I’m so excited to start running again but not sure when I’ll be ready for it. I’m doing my Olga Rönnberg exercises to get back in contact with muscles again.

It’s been nice days for walks as well, which is good. Even though Jon and I are forcing ourselves out in our afternoon tiredness. But you feel better once you’re out.

Little Miss Onebar: I’m only putting my Runkeeper on! Not ignoring my child ;D


Sleep and fighting feelings of guilt

I’m trying really hard not to feel guilty about sleeping all day. Well “all” day meaning in between feeds/diapers and cooking food. And Aiden awake time.

I shouldn’t feel guilty, I should feel happy as it’s the best I can do for myself right now. I’ve been so tired and I still feel tired, so the daytime sleep obviously wasn’t enough.

I’ve been feeling a bit of the baby blues the last few days. So sleeping is really a priority and the best I can do for me and “plutten”.

It’s weird you end up feeling lazy and guilty about it though.

Yesterday I saw on the morning show on TV an Indian doctor saying that in India when a woman has a baby, family and friends come in and cook and take care of your family and you have maids cleaning and all you have to do is stay in bed and take care of your baby and breastfeed.

And she said in Sweden it’s so much more pressure on mothers.

Anyway I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to sleep today. And I’m pushing away any other feelings popping up.

Yesterday I aimed too high instead and was going to take a walk into town. I only made it to the bin after getting ready for ages, searching for my keys, realising Aiden’s diaper needed changing all while he was unhappy and screaming. He never stopped screaming and by the time I got to the bins I needed the toilet again and I was shaking from exhaustion and using all my energy to get ready. So we turned back home and eventually we both fell asleep instead.

I haven’t kept up with my exercises or my diet really. Another area where I’m trying not to pressure myself too much, but then you know deep down that eating really well and getting the exercise in, will give you energy. But it’s a balance, and I think I needed not to be stressing about it right now.


Aiden has started smiling at us. It’s lovely! And he “talks”. And he’s holding his head up and looking around for ages.


This is the second time I do this, I’ve bought horseradish (a root). I desperately want to cook something with it but don’t know what. At the moment I’m thinking salmon. So make some sauce out of it. Don’t want to let it go to waste… Again.

As soon as I see horseradish in the store, I get this urge to buy it. Even though I’m not sure what to make.

Red thai & green zucchini

Made some red thai curry with the curry paste I had in the freezer. I’ve been wanting to make “Zucchini pasta” for a while so tried frying them and had with the curry. It sort of just joined up with the rest of the veggies in the curry, but I will try it again in a different context soon. Being on a diet that restricts you from most things that you usually have with a dish, makes you think outside of the box as it were.

Shredded, fried zucchini Why is red curry yellow?

Cheat day and the value of spiking caloric intake

Today is our “cheat day”. I’ve said I’m not following any specific diet but rather taken what I know from a few different diets, things that are recurring and seems to make sense to me. I’ve also mentioned that what I eat and don’t eat is, if described as anything, a mix of Timothy Ferriss’ slow carb diet and the Paleo diet. Timothy Ferriss diet has a cheat day and it’s not just a mental exercise ie that we need a day off to be able to stick with the strict diet. But listen to what he has to say in his book The four hour Body;



Interesting huh? So we’re doing that. Although it does feel a bit wrong actually. Especially as we’ve both lost weight this week. But hopefully the reasoning above is correct and it won’t interfere with our weight loss goal. (I say “we” because Jon is joining me, which is great. Hard to do if the other is eating normally.)

Diet update


I know, I know – You’re all wondering how my/our diet is going, right?!! Haha. Well even if you’re not here it goes. It’s going pretty well. Yesterday we made Guinness stew, which all fits into “my rules” except the Guinness, but I decided it was OK anyway. With it we had Sweet Potato. And I had a low alcohol Guinness (it’s great for breast milk production & it’s suppose to help with baby’s tummy as well).

So the diet, even though I don’t want to put a label on it, is mainly a mix of Timothy Ferriss’ “Slow Carb diet” and the Paleo diet.

Guinness stew with a GuinnessSweet potato