Unemployment thoughts

So I am here now, in the state of unemployment. I must admit I have sort of been longing for this point. The last few weeks or even months at work has been so de-motivating. My last day was Thursday and everything was unorganized chaos. I hated it. I hate having it all be out of my control. I hate leaving things undone. But there was nothing I could do. We went out for dinner and drinks after though, it was nice. Half of us where leaving and the rest of the company doesn’t know what will happen.
So yesterday was my first real day of unemployment. I feel scared. Not because of money so much. But of the whole thought of finding a new job. Or the thought of being at home all day long. I will fill my days I’m sure but there is something about working that makes you feel needed and that gives you self-confidence. It scares me. I didn’t think it would.
I already had a meeting Friday about starting up a business, and I have a half day course on Monday on the same subject. I woke up at 2pm last night and had ideas of names and slogans pop into my head. Jon’s not on board with the idea. He’s worried about finances and wants me to start working asap.
I am lacking confidence in myself when it comes to starting my own business. Maybe the confidence can grow if an actual plan and specific business idea is developed. We’ll see.