Well hello there, stranger. What’s up. I have started a new job. In april. I’m a consultant for Sogeti. I love it so far; the company, my co-workers in Nyköping and the possibilities it’s opened up. I’ve learnt so much just being on idle (you call it idle when you’re not on an assignment).

But I’m on an assignment now, it’s on a project in it’s infancy in many ways. Very exciting, super new and a bit confusing. I’m working towards creating a prototype for a Graphical User Interface for an company internal simulation tool. At the moment we’re only gathering requirements and trying to understand the complex needs.

I’m travelling to Södertälje everyday to the client, so I’ve started listening to books and prepare other weekly reading material by listening to it. It’s like some alone time in some way.

I’ve also started my Invisalign treatment. I’ve spoken a little about it on my Instagram. But haven’t really said or written anything about my personal experience with it so far. I’m on tray 6 and my full treatment plan is 28 trays. I’ll tell you more about it.

I’m working this week and the next, then I’m off with the kids a bit and then the whole family go to the UK as per usual. And I look forward to that. As per usual.

Besides that sun is shining, garden is growing but also dying because of lack of rain. We’ve been north, we’ve been here, we’ve been good.

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