Tray 18

I can’t believe in already on tray 18 of my Invisalign journey, and almost 6 months into it. I only have 10 more trays, but I might get a few correctional ones after that.

It looks like my dentist filed too much on my button row so I’ll need to fix that after all the tests are done… Feels a bit annoying to be honest but I’ll wait and see, maybe it’s a quick fix.

I’ve got really used to the trays so it’s no big deal anymore. I don’t even think about being without them yet. But it won’t be that much longer…

So how about the result? Well the upper teeth are moving a lot now, it’s a huge difference if I compare trays. Also I had this period where there was a lot of tension and like 4 trays in a row broke! But that has passed and I think it’s because the teeth are more straight now. Cant wait for the next few trays to straighten it even more…

I remember through the years sometimes I’ve sat and pushed the teeth with my fingers, I don’t know why it’s not like that could move them permanently. Also I’ve had this habit of pushing the tooth that had been sticking in out with my tongue. It will feel very strange when it’s all straight when the tongue moves over the teeth after this is all done.

My teeth are very miscolored unfortunately, but found a whitening filter 😂

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