“So many women”

This above is one of the reasons why I think it’s important to add women to the tech industry, that a good with a mix of people “changes the atmosphere for the better”.

Big companies know this, and they know a diverse work force = profit due to higher productivity and creativity. Plus the industry is screaming for people to employ, there’s not enough men, we need to look at other groups in society to fill the demand .

Unrelated, but still funny, a manager at a company I’ve been at half screamed when another manager was complaining about not finding resources to hire;

“What is the problem? It’s not like the earth is emptied out of people looking for employment – find someone and teach them!”

I love that! I believe it’s a big problem that some trying to recruit are blinded by their interpretation and bias of what competence is and can’t look beyond stereotypes.

Anyway, let’s make a list and start with these points above and then continue to list why this is important (because yes, I hear people all the time claiming is a non-issue);

  1. A diverse group of people creates better working climate. For everyone.
  2. Diverse workforce makes more successful companies ($$$)
  3. Industry need more people at a higher rate that light coloured males can be produced -> look beyond gender and colour and more and encourage & educate.
  4. Bringing in women will push the stereotypes and widen what type competence is valued, and what markets to focus on (things they might forget with a too homogenous group eg Apple health app forgetting period tracker)
  5. Women should have the market opened up for flexible, creative, high paid jobs that are often available in the tech industry. I’m not saying anyone or anything physical is stopping them, but there are reasons why they are not seeking out these types of jobs and when they do they more often quit. These reasons need to be eliminated. The STEM interest young girls show should be continually encouraged. Targeted campaigns to encourage work. I’m so convinced so many women would love programming for example and would be absolute stars at it! It just doesn’t seem to be a natural choice still for one half of the earth’s population. (I say that, but in certain countries diversity looks different..)

I was able to go to Websummit last year, and had the same feeling as the tweeter. It’s great to see so many women in this context! And I know the Websummit team are working hard on it!

The ideal would of course be, to not think about it at all. That it just felt natural. But it’s not really there yet…

That’s my thoughts about the subject now. However, rest assure – I have lots more to say about it.

But I’ll finish off with another tweet considering #2 on my list;

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