Sickness never ends

Ah man, we’re so sick here. All of us. It started with Jon on Sunday, kids woke up with a fever on Tuesday and it hit me on Wednesday evening/night. And it’s just still here.

Had the worst experience yesterday. I phoned the doctor and got a prescription for a strong cough medicine. I’m coughing so my throat is sore… And I took Aiden to the doctor on yesterday because I was worried about him. He was fine though, but still fevery and very low. He also got a cough medicine. I went to the pharmacy and picked them up, also went past shop and got some necessities. When I come home and unpack I see everything in one bag is swimming in my cough medicine. I just break down in tears. I’m sick, tired and put all my faith in this very expensive medicine.

This morning I headed back to the pharmacy with little hope of solving this predicament. This lovely man though sorts me out with a whole new one, that he wraps up and gives me. I cried again. What a hero. And this medicine is the real deal, it really helps.

I just hope we’ll all get better soon, it’s getting a bit depressing.


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