Sick without anxiety

I’m sick again. After having some minor symptoms last week, eye infection and sore throat mainly, it hit me viciously yesterday and I feel so disappointed in a way. It’s only two weeks until our holiday and I don’t want time off work now. I mean financially, but also work wise it’s difficult. It’s not the end of the world though and me stressing out about it doesn’t help.

You know what else, I almost feel like I don’t deserve to go on holiday if I haven’t pushed through and worked all the way to the end. What is this silly feeling? 

Also I hear all these people in my head, you know the ones that always want to comment how long since they were sick and that they never get sick or if they do they wouldn’t let that keep them away from home, they’d just take pain pills and show up at work. You know, those people. What they and their useless, non-applicable to me opinions are doing making themselves reminded in my life when I’m sick – I dunno.

It’s not like I don’t push through, I do. But why is that such a valued quality, then? To know your limits, take care of your health when your sick shows humility. To not drag a cold to the workplace shows you’re a considerate person. Surely, that should be valued qualities?

Still, I feel anxious about being sick again.

Ms Robot
Ms Robot. Evelyn rushed to my computer when she came home from day care and started “typing” away.
Ms Robot
She managed to bring out the Console.

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