Rest days & leg days

I’ve been really tired this weekend and had some not so nice symptoms of that. Have you ever experienced that? Vertigo, ringing ears, eye sight loss…? I also had anger issues… I guess it’s the body trying really hard to tell me to calm down.

But all I have to trade right now in is stuff I do for me, which is not fair or right. Like working out, I had an every other day thing going on, but I skipped running all weekend cause I need my physical energy to survive. Exercising is stress relief, but it is also tiring for the body. It’s such a hard choice to make though, what it is I really need right then. Sunday I slept for like 2hrs in the middle of the day to. And went to bed super early.

Today I made a choice to go to the gym for the first time in ages and do legs and a run before going home. So I took a few days off and today I did more than usual. Hopefully that won’t set me back in my tiredness. I also have hip ache but that’s another story, going to a naprapath on Friday. :-)

Enough whining right… I’m going on a lovely holiday soon, just need to push through.

Work is really fun at the moment as I’m building a prototype in Vuejs (with typescript). There’s no backend so I’m having to type up a lot of mock data in the application, but that’s ok. Once it’s in place, which it should be tomorrow I can start playing around for real with work flows and clever solutions. Tomorrow I’m also doing a requirement workshop with two groups at my assignment, might be interesting.

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