Kitchen remake

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have a kitchen renovation planned. The new kitchen (well most of it anyway) is already ordered and will be delivered the 28 mars. We went for an IKEA kitchen, but we haven’t bought everything at IKEA. For example we found another kitchen mixer, with that we needed a dishwasher water switch and the induction stove. Also the fan, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

The new kitchen is black, matt black. And the tiles are matt white. Matt is the way we do things. ;)

The kitchen mixer we found on Amazon (adlink). It’s one of those where you can pull out the end bit and use to spray water.

AWA köksblandare

AWA köksblandare

I’m very happy with this choice and I hope the black nuances will work well together even though we picked and mixed. The sink is also matt black.

Because the mixer doesn’t come with a built in switch for the dishwasher we had to buy a seperate one and we found this in… hold on…. matt black. For insurance reasons you really should have one of those in place.




And finally; a completely ordinary stovetop!

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of our future kitchen. Maybe I should show you all what it looks like today… It’s the original kitchen frÃ¥n when the place was build 1979. The previous owners have however painted the doors – in a very shiny yellow colour. Now that’s something to look forward to isn’t it?!

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