Invisalign expectations vs reality

So I’ve had my Invisaligns for 6 months now and I thought I’d share some thoughts. Thoughts that I had before starting the treatment and how I think about it now.

Expectation: It must be much better to be able to take your trays out to eat, compared to having rails in all the time.

Reality: It’s actually a bit weird to eat with the trays out as I expect it is with rails. Mainly because I have all these attachments on but also because your teeth are moving and the bite is changing. Also you don’t want to have your trays out for very long so you have to plan your eating a lot more, and brush your teeth and trays afterward.

Expectation: I’ll lose so much weight when not being able to have the trays out for longer than 2 hours a day which must include eating and brushing teeth/tray.

Reality: Nope, haven’t lost anything. Still manages to eat my calories apparently…

Something else is how designed the moving process is of the teeth, in my case on of the front teeth are moving up and overlapping the other to push out the tooth that has been hidden behind. And when they’re all even they’ll be pushed back as a row. It’s amazing, not sure that you can move your teeth like that with rails.

Maybe, but I’m speculating here, that’s why the Invisalign process is so much faster. I mean I would have had to have rails for 2-3 years, but my current Invisalign treatment is expected to take about 10 months (could take longer though). And I’ve passed 6 months now, so yaay!

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