We’re going to Capetown soon, in just a few weeks time actually. I’m starting to get nervous, but also excited of course. Jon and I was there 8 years ago, lots have happened since then and this will be a totally different trip.

I look forward to the weather, the scenery, the food and some shopping I expect.

I think we’ll get up to a lot more touristy things this time around. Last time was mostly socializing and there’ll be some of that as well of course.

South Africa
Last time we were in South Africa

And flying… Flying. Could get interesting. 2 kids and total of 13 hours in the air and a long time traveling. Hopefully they’ll sleep on the plane, I’m sure they will. Hopefully I will… I spoke to my doctor and he will give me “bag of tranquilizers” when I go there in a couple of weeks! Hope they work! I have a great of flying. Might be worth mentioning that. It’s become better in recent years. But I’ve already had anxiety about it so night be good to get some help.

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