Bath house non bather

I’m sitting on the bench at the swimming pool (indoors as there’s thunder outside). I’m was unprepared for my female issues when going here resulting in me not being able to swim. Laaame. I asked when I bought a coffee if they have any tampons to buy, but no.

The really sweet girl in the till offered to run down and check her bag for one – so sweet! That is truly one of the greatest bonding things between women, helping each other out with these things. I said “no thanks” though cause it felt like too much of an effort for her to leave her spot at the café just for me to have a short swim. But very nice of her to offer!

We’re just here for a short swim. I feel stressed out and want to attend my to do list – so stupid. I know I won’t get much done today so why stress. But I have to like actively think about not thinking like that. Grr…

The lights just went out over here, hmm… Strange.

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