A 2017 review

Year in review, it’s been a year on fast foward. Like all years after you have kids. Cannot believe how quickly time goes. But I guess it’s a good post to get in because I’ve been off blogging for so long. This is sort of an introduction almost. :D


January last year we were living in a flat in a complex not far from where we live now. We had decided to try to invest in a house in the same area and we were going to viewings regularly. We had also already lost a few biddings and were getting low and feeling that the dream of a house would not come true for us.

Early in January though we went to a bidding and quickly won the bidding war. Rushed to sign papers and we had a house!

This was also the last month of me on full-time parental leave. Going back to work scared me. The first year with my second child had been very tough and I was still not sleeping properly. I was nervous and anxious. All in vain though (as per usual) as it turned out fine.


I went back to work in February and had my in-laws visiting. February – a short but busy month. We went to ice hockey in Södertälje with my mother-in-laws husband, he really likes ice hockey but it’s difficult to catch a game in the UK.


To say that March was busy is an understatement (sorry for commenting on EVERY month that it was busy, but it was!) Not only did we move houses, we renovated the stairs before moving in and it was a busy time at work after my parental leave, we had a stay over conference mainly centering around our system, but also some team building exercises.


In april we got settled into our new home, spring came and we spent a lot of time outside in the garden, waiting with curiosity what would happen in the garden during spring and summer.


In May we ate way too much ice cream. Went to watch the cows being released out from being kept indoor all winter. And the kids were swimming in the baby pool a lot. Later in the year we got a big blow up pool instead, which Aiden just loved!


In June me and Jon had our first night away from Evelyn. We went to Stockholm and saw Coheed & Cambria, which is mainly Jon’s favourite bands. But I think they are great too. We spent a lot of time in our back garden, one of the reasons we even got a house was to have a little garden.

Me and my sister had a night out, child free, at the local sea food restaurant.

I also discovered my second offspring likes drawing, something the first has not shown any interest in until just recently.


July came and I finally dealt with my over grown rhubarb! That was a relief. We ate one popsicle a day by now and went on cycling with the cargo bike with more or less success. There was one time cycling home from Oxelösund and they were both breaking down because they were tired. Hopeless!

My dad bought a humble boat and we could all go out to an island. Look forward to next year when we’ll have more opportunity to go out with him.

We also bought a trampoline after thinking about it back and forth. But it was well invested money and Aiden had friends over everyday to jump on it, keeping 1 outta 2 kids happy. E loved it too, but she was too small to jump when others were in there too..

In the middle of enjoying summer we also started ripping the wall paper of the lounge’s walls. Painted the roof and walls. Basically every room in the house will need redecorating, but we’re trying to do it little by little.


We have a seasonal card at Kolmården Wild life park and we went there. But good all local nature also provided some exciting encounters. There was ice cream, of course.

We went to see my niece who just moved into a new flat too. We went to a park that had animals and radio cars.

We took on our new renovation project which was the office/guest room. Our plan was to get it done in time for granny’s visit, but instead she became a part of the renovation process and had to stay in Evelyn’s room instead. Really appreciate her help with tearing down wall paper etc. We painted the roof, the heater and put new flooring in as well. My pinterest pin came to life!  We also took down the door for this room and Jon built a barn door instead.


In september my developer colleague and I was going to a meetup in Stockholm but just out of our town the train collides with a military vehicle. Luckily everyone survived! The 3 people in the military vehicle (I was sure they died because the whole thing came flying past out window) had to spend a few days in hospital, but were not seriously harmed. A bit shocking though and I walked away with a bruise.

We went to Kolmården Wild life park again and barbecued as per usual.


It was Evelyn’s second month of pre-school/nursery and it brought A & E even closer to each other. She got used to the environment very quickly and is loving it there. Which helps. I started working more hours and life was getting into place. Brought my gym bag to work a lot more (and to the actual gym as well :D)

The pears on our pear tree was ready for harvest, but it was more than we could handle! It took hours to even get them off the tree. Next year I’m going to make some pear cider with them.


November was a very strange month in my life. First me and Jon and the kids flew to the UK to Jon’s family. This was on a Thursday, on the Friday Jon & I were leaving the kids in their granny’s loving hands as we flew to Lisbon for the weekend. We had a getaway (with a terrible first Airb’n’b experience so we had to change to an expensive but very lovely hotel (I’m so glad we did that, the whole trip would’ve been ruined otherwise.

On Monday morning Jon flew back to the UK to be with the kids there for a week. I met up with a developer from Stockholm that I met for the first time IRL. We attended the Web summit and I’ve written a few posts about it so won’t go into any details about it now.

I flew back to the UK on the Friday morning and was so happy to see my family again after a whole week! But I wasn’t feeling well, on Saturday Jon and his brother-in-law went to Twickenham (London) to watch a rugby game and in the evening we went to my sister-in-laws for dinner. But after dinner I sat in the sofa and started feeling really cold and sick. I got a high fever and it didn’t really go away. So the days that I was supposed to spend in the UK with family, doing shopping, eating some english food we missed since we’ve been away – none of that really happened. I was playing with the thought of rebooking our flights cause I didn’t feel in any shape to fly. Plus I thought I had the flu so wasn’t very happy about exposing people to that. But we did decide to go, I stuffed myself with pain killers the whole day and everything went well actually. But in the night I got a fever again and the next day I went to a doctor. Turned out I had a really bad infection and was hospitalised.  Such a bad ending to November after that great start!


December gave us (a) little snow, a fantastic, nostalgic concert with Henrik Berggren and finally a hanging barn door after been waiting for months for its sliding kit. We also celebrated my parents 50th anniversary!

It’s been a good year, but looking back I realise why it’s gone so quick! Moving houses, starting work again, going abroad, being sick. All this while juggling the famous life pussle with a 1 year old and a 4 year old.

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