50 year wedding anniversary

My mum and dad had their 50 wedding anniversary on Saturday. Yes, they married the day before New year’s… So a few of us went on a cruise to celebrate, which is by the way what we always used to do on their anniversary growing up. So it was a bit nostalgic too. It was a lot of fun and everything went so well with the kids, I was so surprised! No chasing, we could eat in peace and so on.

I started thinking about how some, usually men, want to claim that us women have a lot of privileges when it comes to like boarding life boats etc. I remember when going on the boat as a kid we always took the stairs. Having prams now though, we had almost no choice but to take the elevator. But everyone wanted to take the elevator, well every young, strong man with a travel bag and case of beer. Oh come on… Like my mum said, then they stress about going to the gym. They even cut in front of us to get in the elevator. Things like that can really trigger me. It shouldn’t, because you can’t change people that way and it only drains me of precious energy.
It’s ridiculous though. And by the way that women go first in life boats is no rule or law. That it happened during the Titanic going down was only because the Captain threatened to shoot every man that went in front of a woman.

In the real world though, the are other privileges that takes precedence over this and here we are, a seventy year old woman and her 36 year old daughter tuning people out on a ferry with little result.

We have my mum and dad a basket with food stuff and a custom made board and some champagne to celebrate ❤️
The silouette is my mum and dad from their wedding photos, we made a couple of mistakes on the board and we’re going it again to correct it.

My daughter just kept climbing up here and flirting with the keyboardist in the band. I didn’t hear this, but according to my brother when the band came on they walked passed Aiden and he said; “I sure hope you’re good”

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