Bath house non bather

I’m sitting on the bench at the swimming pool (indoors as there’s thunder outside). I’m was unprepared for my female issues when going here resulting in me not being able to swim. Laaame. I asked when I bought a coffee if they have any tampons to buy, but no.

The really sweet girl in the till offered to run down and check her bag for one – so sweet! That is truly one of the greatest bonding things between women, helping each other out with these things. I said “no thanks” though cause it felt like too much of an effort for her to leave her spot at the café just for me to have a short swim. But very nice of her to offer!

We’re just here for a short swim. I feel stressed out and want to attend my to do list – so stupid. I know I won’t get much done today so why stress. But I have to like actively think about not thinking like that. Grr…

The lights just went out over here, hmm… Strange.

Back pain for tooth ache

Tonight I’m swapping back pain for tooth ache. In changing my Invisalign tray again, tray number 8 here we go. I love the feeling of pressing a new tray on and feeling it pushing the teeth a little bit more toward their new positions.

My back was a little better after some TENS treatment. When I was talking to Jon about it I realised that it must have to do with me being home from work. I think it’s carrying Evelyn. I don’t carry her as much as before obviously, she’s getting older. But she’s also getting heavier. Yesterday I carried her from my parents house home cause she was upset. Ok it probably doesn’t tell you anything how far that is, it’s not far. But it was a challenge.. so that’s probably why my lower back on the right side hurts today. It’s always the same spot. I’m in desperate need of strengthening my core muscles too, that might help.

Anyway, we got so much done today. Jon fixed our car breaks so we have a car again. I tore down all old wallpaper in the upstairs hallway. And Jon did some lists in the kitchen. Little by little we’re making progress.

I use Wunderlist for keeping my to-do lists. So I’ve attacked this summer vacation agile style, doing small tasks every day. It keeps you moving forward even though it might take a while.

Good night now. Kids finally fell asleep… 3 more sleeps until the UK. Yay!

Sunny, back ache update

Hi I’m lying in bed with Evelyn, I got a really sore back. I don’t know what I’ve done. But it might have to do with being with the kids alone all week. And I’ve also been working on removing wallpaper and painting the stairs for the 350th time.

It’s super hot in Sweden as in many other places at the moment. So it’s hard to know what to do. But I seem to have managed to overdo it anyway. I’ve got the TENS machine on so I hope that will help.

We bought a carpet for the stairs and upstairs hallway. But to be able to install it, we need to fix the walls and the stairs first. If we get that done we’ve finally finished with renovating the downstairs (except bathroom and laundry which is not projects we’re planning on anytime soon). Then we can finally do our bedroom and the kids upstairs, so excited for that!


Well hello there, stranger. What’s up. I have started a new job. In april. I’m a consultant for Sogeti. I love it so far; the company, my co-workers in Nyköping and the possibilities it’s opened up. I’ve learnt so much just being on idle (you call it idle when you’re not on an assignment).

But I’m on an assignment now, it’s on a project in it’s infancy in many ways. Very exciting, super new and a bit confusing. I’m working towards creating a prototype for a Graphical User Interface for an company internal simulation tool. At the moment we’re only gathering requirements and trying to understand the complex needs.

I’m travelling to Södertälje everyday to the client, so I’ve started listening to books and prepare other weekly reading material by listening to it. It’s like some alone time in some way.

I’ve also started my Invisalign treatment. I’ve spoken a little about it on my Instagram. But haven’t really said or written anything about my personal experience with it so far. I’m on tray 6 and my full treatment plan is 28 trays. I’ll tell you more about it.

I’m working this week and the next, then I’m off with the kids a bit and then the whole family go to the UK as per usual. And I look forward to that. As per usual.

Besides that sun is shining, garden is growing but also dying because of lack of rain. We’ve been north, we’ve been here, we’ve been good.