Caring for sick child today

Evelyn sjuk

Evelyn sickSo sometimes things don’t work out the way you want it. The little one coughed through the night and was awake for a period, making tiny noises and felt warm. She had to stay home today so that means no work for me either.

Something else that didn’t really turn out how I thought was the last post. I said I lost everything I wrote. Lie. Big lie. I must say I was surprised about my post not being auto-saved, until it turned out – it was. All along it was lying there in the post list. Haha

As you might have picked up already I have started re-posting some of my old post starting from 2014 and going back. I’m going through them all manually though looking at the text and pictures to see if I’m still comfortable with it being online. And so far I’ve been with almost everything. So if you’re interesting in some of my old life there’s a few post re-published already.

Oh well, I need to care for the baby climbing on me right now. See ya

Evelyn sick

3 more sleeps

Borrowed from

So this is an interesting week. On thursday we fly to Englad to “drop” the kiddos at granny’s and on Friday Jon and I are off to Lisbon for a weekend getaway. First time away from the kids for that long. I’m nervous and anxious about it so say the least. But hopefully, once we’re off and away we will be able to relax a bit. Such luxury to be able to do this. The opportunity arose and we grabbed it.

We’re staying in an Airb’n’b. First time for me so we’ll see how that goes. But the lady letting it seems very good and it has good reviews.

On Sunday we move to a hostel and I meet up with Anna from Stockholm, who I will be sharing a room with during the Web Summit. Jon goes back to stay with the kids in England.

Today it was 25° there. I need to do a little more research on what to do when we get there. Any tips?


DIY Treadmill desk

Ever since reading Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives (adlink) I was obsessed with getting a Treadmill desk. They’re pricey though…

So because I have a standing desk at my office from before, I came up with the idea of taking mum’s unused low-budget treadmill she’s been wanting to get rid of for years and have it under my desk. Voila – a DIY treadmill desk!

I dragged the whole thing to work on a day this summer when I knew no one else would be in the office to “test it out” without having to explain to everyone about my weird idea. I later realised my “weird” idea is a real thing (adlink)! You don’t have to buy a whole one-unit treadmill desk (adlink) you can just buy a treadmill that fits under your desk. There are special ones without the handle thing that fits under any desk.

And the real ones have a special type of motor in them that are better for this type of use – slow speed for a long time. And quieter with ability to control it from above your desk or through an app. But hey, who needs to be that fancy anyway right…

Anyway my solution worked fine! I could focus (better) when working, maybe writing becomes a bit shakier, but I am a programmer so I’m suppose to type with my keyboard anyway and that is no different from sitting. Also I have a track ball mouse so there’s no issue there either, just have to move it a little to the side compared to when I’m sitting.

So it works fine and I can work just as well while while doing it. But WHY do I do it? Well one reason is the same as standing up while working – getting a more varied work position instead of sitting and slouching for 8 hours.

Standing up and working burns about double the calories as sitting. So slowly walking while working burns even more calories. According to my Google Fit my hour of walking today 1.8 km/hr burnt just over 300 calories and added 6000 steps to my step counter! Compare that to an hour sitting and working which I got a Google search figure of about 100 calories/hour.

I’m busy reading a book by a Swedish author called The real happy pill (adlink). Last night I was reading about standing desks and it’s effect on children in particular. And yeah, a treadmill desk can’t possibly be worse! So what he’s saying is that the benefits of standing while working goes far beyond burning more calories, the brain actually works better. A study done on 7th graders showed that the benefits of standing while working was better concentration, improved memory and better working executive control (making decisions).

Who doesn’t want those benefits?!

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Stuff & things

So I have stuff to say and opinions to express. Just a matter of getting started right? Make a whole big fuzz about blogging again and then not write anything. What kind of a thing to do is that…
Well, weekend was super busy, no joke.

Today was a great monday though and I posted a bit on Instagram, so have a look there why won’t you my name is wwwaddell.

I also got a chance to workout on my lunch break. A HIIT class. I did not do well… But I did it!