Stockholm en route

We’re on route to Stockholm now, and I’ll attempt to blog even though there’s a risk of me being car sick when focusing on anything else than the road ahead.

Don’t know what we’ll get up to in Stockholm yet but we’ll drive to DjurgÃ¥rden and take it from there. There will be some tourist stops.

Yesterday we did some touristing in my hometown. Always a bit strange. But nice as you tend to become a bit blind to the sight seeings around you.


We finished off with a lovely lunch/dinner at a place in the harbour. So many times when reading out in Nyköping, I’ve been disappointed. But this was very nice & tasty.

The weirdest thing I’ve noticed as well done being back. Lots of places closes down for weeks during the summer. Food places that is. What a luxury in such a small town to be able to close down when is normally the busiest time, I would have thought.

At work we have sushi Fridays. This stopped long ago as the sushi place has been closed for maybe a couple of months over summer (at least). The only lunch place in our industrial area has also closed over summer. It doesn’t directly affect me as I tend to bring food with me to work, I just find it very odd. There’s a very famous, popular pizzeria in town that I know also have summer closures. And besides that, when is open – it’s never open on a Sunday?? Oddest thing ever for a pizza place.

Wonder what food we’ll have today… I’m hungry already.

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