Restarting computer, Restarting blogging….

Where to start after such long, quiet time. I know from before it’s just a matter of getting started. My computer is restarting, so I’m taking a few moments to write a post. It’s so annoying, I’ve managed to get some sort of malware on my computer…

Anyhoooo, life is good. Sun is out once in a while, spring cleaning done (sort of), work is good.

I did think Aiden would walk by now, he’s 9 months on Thursday. He’s walking with assistance and with a walking pram thing. I think he probably could walk but he’s not ready to let go just yet, as it were. He’s lovely and a bit frustrated sometimes. He’s been a bit under the weather so that’s probably why. But besides that he’s a very happy little chap.

So I’ll end this first attempt of blogging again with a picture…



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