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Lunch salad Lunch salad

One of the best things with this diet is lunch. I try to eat only one cooked meal a day, for dinner. So for lunch I usually have some sort of salad. And what I like about it is that I can just look in the fridge and pick out whatever I feel like and just throw it together. Regardless of where this “Plant-based diet challenge” takes me, I will certainly do this a lot more!

Today wasn’t completely raw as I fried some carrots in olive oil with garlic and pecans. Then I had mixed leaves, baby spinach, avocado, leek and some lemon juice. Oh and fennel, because I could. Some beans would have been good for the balance sake. But not today.

Yesterday I got a text from a friend, asking if we wanted to come over for some food at their place tonight. First I got really excited for the invitation then my heart sank and I looked at Jon; “Oh-no, the vegan-thing”.

Jon: “So? just tell them you don’t eat meat. Many people have diet restrictions”

Me: “Yeah but it’s not just that! It’s vegan.

All the advice I would have given anyone else in my situation was gone and I just felt strongly that I did not want to inconvenience anyone and almost didn’t want to go just because of that. A challenge indeed! Anyway, we accepted the invitation & it was taco night so I never mentioned beforehand I wasn’t going to eat of the meat, hoping I’ll just get away with eating veggies. I’m there for the company not to eat. It went very well though! And it wasn’t a big deal. Phew…

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