No place like home

Even though we’ve had a great time away and time just flew by these fifteen days at my in-laws, it is good to be back home.

I got up at 3 am after trying to get Aiden back to sleep since around 1 am. And he did, just a I had to get up. We caught the bus to Gatwick and both Aiden and myself slept most of the bus trip. I tried to blog but felt sick, so thought I’d catch up on sleep.

Security & check in went smooth, although I had to throw away some breast milk I’d pumped earlier and carried with me. They would have let me keep it if I tasted it. I didn’t really need it though, as I was planning on feeding Aiden, but just had it with in case.

I felt relaxed flying to and from the UK. So pleased as it seems most of my anxiety when it comes to flying is gone. Still have some but not at all as bad.

And Aiden, what a good boy he’s been. So calm and happy. He’s back in his cot tonight, let’s see how this night turns out after everything we’ve put him through…



Oh well I’m turning in early. Good night.

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