New background image


Got this sent to me at work today and it immediately made it as a background image on my phone. It just makes my heart so happy!
I went back to work yesterday after the cold and taking care of my baby. I’m still full of snot and have a cough tickling about, especially at night. Speaking of that I really need to sleep now as I don’t know what the night will bring. It’s not just the baby waking up (more often now due to blocked nose poor thing), but also because of my own cough and these weird restless nights with nightmares. Woke up the night before last imagining I was choking on a hazelnut from the nut/seed bread I made that night. Next time I woke up to feed Aiden I thought about it and realised it could not have been a hazelnut as I didn’t even taste the bread before going to bed. Wondering if it was instead one of my 3 spiders every person is suppose to swallow in a year. Started thinking that what if I didn’t swallow it properly and it started climbing up my nose and behind my eye. Pondered googling the issue to find out if that would even be possible. But I stopped myself luckily and eventually fell asleep again.

So yeah, better go to sleep now…


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