Baby swim

Why is it called “maternity leave”,it should be called maternitywork.I know, I know – you’re on leave from your work to be a mother. It’s just the word gives the signals you’re somehow not doing anything. But in fact it’s probably the hardest job there is, and you have to do it sleep deprived.

Things are going better now though. I know part of dealing with this baby period is your attitude towards it. But when the stress & lack of sleep gets to you it’s hard to see that it’s a short period of time and that you’re there for your baby now. But usually you pick yourself up after a day of negativity and you’re back on track trying to puzzle and juggle to get the jobs done.

To mix it all up and give the family some nice, relax time we decided to bock baby swim for Aiden. I’m glad we did! He really seemed to enjoy it and was splashing water like a mad man. He slept nicely afterwards as well. The leader was swimming around meeting all the babies and when she came to Aiden she said; “Here’s someone who likes to swim! He’s not still for a second!”


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