A week of parental leave end

With grandpa Lasse

So this week has come to an end and tomorrow it’s back to work. Aiden is still awake as his sleep schedule is a bit all over the place. Due to summer maybe. And us dragging him around everywhere, where it’s waaay too exciting to sleep so his naps aren’t when they should be.

It’s been a good week and I only work two more weeks and then we’re off to the UK. So all is good. I will miss little A tomorrow as I’ve become so used to being with him 24/7.

One of the days spent on a beach, Aiden inhaling a smoothie.
Feeling very confident with his sun glasses
3 generations of Waddell

Stockholm en route

We’re on route to Stockholm now, and I’ll attempt to blog even though there’s a risk of me being car sick when focusing on anything else than the road ahead.

Don’t know what we’ll get up to in Stockholm yet but we’ll drive to DjurgÃ¥rden and take it from there. There will be some tourist stops.

Yesterday we did some touristing in my hometown. Always a bit strange. But nice as you tend to become a bit blind to the sight seeings around you.


We finished off with a lovely lunch/dinner at a place in the harbour. So many times when reading out in Nyköping, I’ve been disappointed. But this was very nice & tasty.

The weirdest thing I’ve noticed as well done being back. Lots of places closes down for weeks during the summer. Food places that is. What a luxury in such a small town to be able to close down when is normally the busiest time, I would have thought.

At work we have sushi Fridays. This stopped long ago as the sushi place has been closed for maybe a couple of months over summer (at least). The only lunch place in our industrial area has also closed over summer. It doesn’t directly affect me as I tend to bring food with me to work, I just find it very odd. There’s a very famous, popular pizzeria in town that I know also have summer closures. And besides that, when is open – it’s never open on a Sunday?? Oddest thing ever for a pizza place.

Wonder what food we’ll have today… I’m hungry already.

Red tomato, red car



One red tomato on the patio. One red stolen car (from grandparents).

All we did today was go swimming. It might be the last nice day for a while so better make the most of it.

A few weeks ago when on beach on a Sunday I was stressing about other things I also wanted to get done that day. Jon said: “ah its your schedule that’s messed up. If we’re going to the beach then that should be the only thing on your schedule, everything else you get done is a bonus”

He might have point. Why cramp in too much in a day? I’ll try and remember that.