“When?” is the question spinning in my head. When will the baby make his appearance. It’s so close now. It could happen at any time, but it could also be a while still and to be honest, it feels like it’s never going to happen. I can’t picture it. Even though this belly of mine is very lively and present – I cannot believe it will turn into a baby one of these days. It’s very odd. I’m dreaming about going into labour. I’m dreaming of meeting the little one.

I’m busy so it’s not that. I’ve got work this week. And we have stuff to do around the house and loads of paperwork to get done. Another letter to Immigration went off today regarding Jon. Hopefully that will be it, no more requests for additional information. Probably not though. You can get depressed for less, dealing with government departments.

But then the question pops up again; “When?”

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