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As soon as I pull up a new post in the back-end of this blog I go blank. Things are happening all the time, and find myself thinking a lot; “I should blog about that!” But I don’t at the moment. Mainly it’s because my mind is so occupied with all the rest that is going on at the moment I suppose; late pregnancy and big move in a few days. It’s not even what actually NEEDS doing, but all the thinking and planning that really tires me out.

The ferry my mum and dad was supposed to take from Denmark to England tomorrow has been canceled due to a crash. It needs preparing all week. DFDS could re-book them for Saturday and them arriving on Sunday, but our journey back is in the afternoon on Sunday – a trip that couldn’t be re-booked or refunded. Thanks a lot DFDS! Just got an email from them saying; “Our customer services team is working hard to find alternative transportation routes for all passengers booked on to the cancelled sailings.”All I was met with when asking what we should do instead was silence. All she told me what was she couldn’t help me with.

Our ferry
Our ferry

So the options we had, was to get the trip coming here refunded and mum and dad driving all the way to France for the ferry there. So Jon will fly over to Copenhagen to meet up with them and help drive the camper van down here. I’m glad it’s sorted now, but definitely a headache we didn’t need.

We’re so reliant on everything working out perfectly with this move. So hopefully the rest will.

But so many other good things have happened that I want to share. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law came over a couple a weekends ago to help out practically. And we also had time for some social catch up. I also finished work at the office in Richmond. Very mixed emotions, but luckily work was coming through to the very last hour and things felt “normal”, which makes it feel a little less sad about it, as it didn’t really feel like it would be my very last day in the office. Also, the company barbecue turned into a baby shower and all my workmates had all pitched in and got me and the baby such lovely gifts! Very thoughtful and useful. I’m so touched.

I’m really touched by all the gifts we have received already and all the offers of help we’ve had as well. We’ve got lovely baby clothes, bought and homemade, from people we don’t even know personally!

Compared to all the other moves Jon and I have done, this time we are so reliant on help. So it’s been such a relief having especially family, but also friends, seeing this and offering to help in different ways. Thank you all!

Here’s some photos from when Abbey and Elaine was in Maidstone:

Although Jon & Abbey ended up with a long discussion on Apple vs Android. He he Some Indian after a busy day in the house Had to have some frozen yoghurt Dropped Abbey at Stratford

Barbecue turn baby shower:

Lovely day for an office barbecue I ate the C. Resulting in some rat songs and rat son. (And yes I know - way too much alcohol to be a baby shower! :D) Matt, Mark, Alex and Andrea

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