In the UK…

We’re in the UK! It all came about very quickly. As our social security back payments came through, we decided that we should make a trip to the UK while we can, before work and all starts again. Also, Jon’s sister is coming to the UK over the holidays, so we thought it was a good opportunity to meet up the whole family (Jon’s side).

I was nervous though, to say the least. I’m a nervous flyer, but then I’ve also never travelled with a baby. So lots of worries and anxieties. Plus we’re away for a couple of weeks. We know the baby routines at home, but what about in someone elses house? And also, most importantly; how will Aiden react to being dragged around?

So far so good though! Aiden was a bit upset on the plane (probably his ears), but he was quite content and even fell asleep for a bit. It was a long day but we’ve managed to make up for some lost sleep when we got here.

The weather is lousy today, as you would expect from the UK I guess. So we’ll probably have a day indoors. Jon has been down with a stomach bug so we’ve been locked indoors for that reason already. I don’t mind though. It’s nice and relaxed.

Father/son moment at Gatwick

What's for dinner?






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