Tick tock, eight till late

Eight days until Due Date. I’m still hopeful things will kickstart any day now. But it is an interesting thing this waiting. Being completely out of control. I mean I do try all the tricks, and I’m still drinking my Raspberry leaf tea. Although that won’t do anything to bring on labour, but is suppose to help in second stage of labour. And I’m sitting quite a lot jumping on the birth ball (my Swiss ball has transformed to a birth ball).

Saw the midwife yesterday. Jon and I cycled there because we still haven’t got our car registered here. (They only had a time slot for 8 aug) I thought cycling would be fine, but it was really hard and hot outside and made me really upset for some reason. So when we parked the bicycles I started crying. Mm I know. So not surprisingly my blood pressure was high. Everything else looks good. She had me rest for a bit and then the blood pressure had gone down enough so she could send me home. I’m going back Monday for another blood pressure test. Unless… well you know.

Think I’ll sit on my ball for a bit…

Jon and I just walked to the shared laundry and I heard these to elderly ladies talking saying like “No, not yet”. That’s basically all I heard, but I still sort of thought; “Are they talking about me??” and as I walk around the bush one of the ladies said; “Oh I was just talking about you. I was asking if you’ve had your baby yet”. It’s such a different type of life here compared to what we’re used to in England and everyone “minds their own business”. I think Jon and I will always keep a bit private. But it is kind of nice that neighbours care and speak to you as well. As long as they don’t get nosy that is hehe.

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