“The son will come out, tomorrow…”

Jon was making his own song, as he tends to do, predicting our son will arrive tomorrow. 4 days until due date. But what is a due date? I’m trying all labour inducing tips I can find. I thought we should go for a walk, so we drove to Strandstuviken to walk around there and I also got a chance to show Jon where I spent a lot of my childhood summers. He said it reminded him of a place he’d been as a kid in South Africa, which surprised me. But I guess that’s really good.

I was at the midwife today to check my blood pressure. It was really good this time, because I didn’t cycle. My sister took me. I also ended up having the curve checked – baby’s heartbeat and contractions. Having contractions, but it’s not building up yet. But I guess it will soon.

Afterward my sister and I went to town centre to sort some errands. We also had an awesome salad that left us both really full! And so such a cute baby, with LOADS of hair. I think there’s some sort of baby boom going on here, because there’s small babies everywhere and massive pregnant tummies as well. And the health store was out of Raspberry Leaf tea. Altho I found it somewhere else – but it was only one left there as well.

Nice day all in all.

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