Sick and thoughts of efficiency


I’m sick! Feeling OK at this very moment, but think it’s because I took a pill. Aiden isn’t happy either and he’s sleeping again. He doesn’t seem to have a fever, but he’s not a happy chappy. Wonder if he’s got a sore throat as well? Really hope not. He’s not inconsolable so that’s good at least, can’t be too bad. And good that he’s sleeping.

It’s depressing being inside and feel it would do us good to take a walk today, but it’s just such rainy, grey weather. I’ll see how Aiden is when he wakes up.

I’m very close to finishing off a first release of my new blog design. I’ve only done the coding so far and need to convert the design now. And I’m using one – to me – new technique for it. Being a mother of a 3 month old though doesn’t give me a lot of time for it (although, surprisingly a lot considering I’m almost done!).

Speaking of time. Your perspective changes when you have a person in your life so dependant on you. It’s hard to find time for yourself and in a way it’s how it should be. I knew that. But it’s not really in my personality just to accept it. I try to find ways of making things around the house more efficient. Do certain things quicker for example. Things I don’t want to spend time on; cleaning, cooking, shopping. And some things you have to spend time on; like Aiden. It’s quantity time needed, you can’t do it “quicker” so to speak and you need to be able to drop all and see to him when needed.


A way of being more efficient, besides doing things quicker, is to multitask. Yesterday while cooking I tutored Jon with his Swedish for example. Sometimes I listen to a podcast. Also, cooking and cleaning up at the same time is a great way of getting boring stuff out of the way quicker. Or if Aiden’s happy with it, have him in the baby sitter next to me and tell him what I’m doing while cooking. Also, I tend read a book on my phone while putting him to bed (not time stolen from him, as I’m just sitting there to put the dummy in his mouth when it falls out, not read him a story or anything)

Multitasking can be a real curse though, as there are many situations where your attention should be 100%. Like when playing with Aiden. So there’s a balance required of course which is not always easy… It can tire your brain as well and make you go in a speed that is hard to wind down from.

I’m going to read my book now. I’m at the end of it and it’s got me hooked completely! My sister-in-law recommended it;

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