Seeing Jon become a dad

The men of my life <3
The men of my life <3

A friend of mine‘s husband said recently when talking about parenthood they entered into just under a year ago: “It’s very strange seeing your wife become a mother”.

At that time I was a few weeks away from giving birth to Aiden. But his statement resurfaced as soon as Aiden was with us and I thought when seeing Jon at the hospital really getting into the dad role that: “It’s pretty strange to see your husband become a dad as well…”

The way he looks after Aiden makes me love him even more. It’s great to see them bond and form a relationship.

And of course, having a dad interested in helping out taking care of the baby really helps you cope and get into routines etc quicker, I think. So many times during these 3 weeks of Aiden’s life I’ve wondered how single mums or mums carrying the whole load of a new baby because the dad’s uninterested or absent in other ways – do it? How do they do it? All credit to them.

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