“Rise up like the sun, Labor till the work is done”



I got to borrow my sisters Canon EOS 30D. I haven’t figured it all out, but I’m practising every day (both taking the photos and the editing as I’ve also decided to start using RAW format). So bear with me, hopefully you’ll see an improvement soon. (Actually taking photos of a baby is probably not the best to start with, but he’s the only thing I want to take photos of! Ha ha)

These photos are from the other day when we went to mum & dad’s house for the twofold reason of fixing mum’s computer after updating the OS, but the graphics card drivers turned out to be incompatible – Jon fixed. And the second reason being using their internet, as the fiber optic cables broke when we had some guys here to paint the bedroom. Aiden was at his best behaviour and him & his dad shared this nice moment, that I tried to catch on camera to the best of my ability.



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