Night thoughts

What am I doing up this time a night? Last night the answer would have been I can’t sleep because of restless legs. Tonight it’s because I’ve already slept, I fell asleep after coming home from Richmond and eating dinner. Woke up when Jon came come from work. I was intending to continue sleeping but started telling Jon about the little guy and his busy day (he’s seriously trying to kick himself out). And now I’m too awake. After this blog post I will give sleep another try. Better sleeping in sections than not at all I suppose.


It’s hard travelling now and people annoy me so much. Have this strong urge to lecture people on all sorts of stuff. Like random people. Except for getting in a word exchange at Holland & Barrett the other day, I think I’ve managed to keep the urge under control. And to be honest at H&B I was only trying to clarify whether standing in the queue or just walking up throwing your stuff on the counter should make you be served first. The cashier thought the latter and didn’t want “any drama”. What?

Anyway at Holland & Barrett I got raspberry leaf tea. It’s suggested it can help you in the second stage of labor, making the pushing bit quicker and easier. It’s worth a try I thought. Especially since there’s no risk associated with it, and is beneficial in general.


Time for sleep #2 I think.

Tomorrow there’s a barbecue with work and my sister-in-law arrives.

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