“I knew it – he’s perfect!”

Gosh I’m so proud of my little plutt. We went to the baby centre on Thursday and he’s doing so well. We both got commendation for the breastfeeding, the receipt that is working really well is his big weight gain. Although at the moment he’s making a lot of fuss when latching on and fighting against it even though that’s exactly what he wants and needs. Apparently it’s common and I read about it and it can go on until month two. But you can’t help but wonder if other things have interfered and made him forget how to latch on, like using our finger as we haven’t started with a dummy. Our maybe he’s getting too many new impressions. But the nurse did confirm as well that it is a common thing they go through.

My dad has been saying that Aiden is really strong and the nurse said the same thing. And that he’s very alert, following with his eyes and listening so carefully. She went as far as saying he’s ahead of his age. I had no idea what a relief it would be to hear how well he’s doing and the positive words from the nurse. “I knew it! He’s perfect!” I said with a smile.

A week ago my sister took some time to photograph Aiden. I’m so excited to see the results. She’s sent me a few on What’s app the other night. But I’ll wait to post them until I’ve got the real images. But here’s some behind the scenes;

Aiden-photoshoot-002 Aiden-photoshoot-003 Aiden-photoshoot-005

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