Jon’s officially Swedish! Sort of…

Well, not really. But he finally got his Swedish “social security” number. Which you need for basically everything. So it’s a relief indeed!

So I’ve done a lot of paperwork today, a lot for my stuff as well that needed to be done. So this day has just disappeared. We did sleep for long this morning. Well I woke up at 6am with terrible hip pains and couldn’t sleep on either side so got up, had some brekkie, watched Ugly Betty and then fell asleep again.

Dad was here as well to help with our car. It’s been causing us a bit of headache, well mostly Jon as I’m ignoring the fact it’s not working now and focusing on my fastly approaching task of bringing a baby out of my body. So dad’s been kind enough to help out, but it was raining too badly today for them to get anything done. But we had a nice chat instead and then made some food.

I’m using the TENS machine now for some pre labour pains. Hoping it will increase and build up to something very productive. I will probably regret that later, hehe… That’s a little bit of an update.

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