In your face!


We had such a lovely time with Aiden today. He wanted to be in Jon’s face and when he wasn’t he was studying him so intensely. The moment above was just so funny, glad I caught it on camera.

We’re much better from our cold! So happy it’s not turning into those dragged out things.

I feel like swimming. I never feel like swimming. I hate swimming,  it’s so boring. I probably feel like it because I was looking into baby sim this evening. Couldn’t find any info though. But emailed so will hopefully get some info soon.

Yawn I’m so tired now. Aiden has been feeding every other hour again now that he’s been sick and last night he decided that 2am was as good a time as any to call morning. He fell asleep and when I went to put him down he woke up so I had to take him up again, put him to sleep and try put him down just to have him wake up again. It went on like that for an hour and a half. And when you finally put him down successfully you know it won’t be long until he wakes up for the next feed… Wohoo!

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