Friends & Football – unfashionable, weather inappropriate spontaneous outdoor Sunday activity

We went to our friends Annamaria & Christian & their son Dino today. I hadn’t slept much and didn’t put much effort into my appearance. When leaving the house we realised that it was raining so I grabbed my bright yellow raincoat and we headed off. So why am I telling you about my lack of style & weather inappropriate clothing today? Well because when at our friends house we decided to join them on the football match they had plans to attend. It was a training match I believe, and the local team won. Yay, I guess. Although I missed the goal as I went inside to breastfeed. It was freezing cold and I certainly wasn’t dressed for it and I looked like a mess in every other way as well. It’s just a note, I didn’t really mind that much. Except the cold, I minded the cold.

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