“Cooking food and listening to a podcast is not multitasking, it’s just cooking food and listening to a podcast.”

When Jon read my post from the other dayhe said;“Cooking food and listening to a podcast is not multitasking, it’s just cooking food and listening to a podcast.” He meant that it’s not like listening to a podcast is necessarily something you have to do. Maybe not, but how fun is life if you fill your life with only “have-to’s” and multitasking them all the time. Boring x 2.

I find it difficult to put on headphones now with a baby as you need to hear if the baby wakes up or is unhappy in some other way. Doing it while cooking is kind of good as when I cook Jon usually has the baby so I can use my hearing for other purposes than listen for baby sounds. Although I tend to get interrupted anyway so it’s not like a bulletproof plan or anything.

But, I did think about the post from the other day a lot after posting it, as it might have sounded like I was giving the ultimate tips on how to multitask, I wasn’t. ALL mothers multitask, without thinking about it, all the time. All women probably do, as well. Our problem is probably that we multitask too much that our brains never really relax. So I wasn’t saying that I’d all of a sudden realised that hey, I can listen to radio when I’m cooking and do TWO things at the same time!

So I always find it good to ponder about how I spend my time, where to make adjustments and question what’s more important in a week, and what can get done if the time is there. If you live your life without any thoughts regarding this or fail to remind yourself of your priorities, chances are you end up doing a majority of things that aren’t really that important to you. I mean really important. Let’s face it; we don’t have enough time for everything that we need and want to do, so we have to make choices.

Multitasking can be quite the useless skill actually and is not always something to be striving towards. It’s been shown that we perform less efficient, when working for example, if we tend to multitask. We should really focus on one thing at a time, that makes us work faster task by task. But that’s a side point.


It wasn’t my plan to get a cold this week however. So I’m not really getting anything done and the days just go by. The lack of sleep I’m naturally experiencing with a little baby is even worse as a runny nose and cough is making it harder to sleep when I get to sleep. Oh well, not to complain too much. Just need to get better and hope that Aiden doesn’t catch it. So far so good.

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