Coffee by the liter & grumpy little man

I was thinking the other day that I never set my alarm anymore. Sometimes that is spoken about like the dream scenario… Like paradise, you know, the perfect stress free life – living life without an alarm. Then I realised I do have an alarm. It goes off every 2 hours and there’s no snooze button. It doesn’t just go off in the mornings, it goes off 24/7, every 1-2 hours or the longest 3 hours. That’s when the little man lets me know he has to eat now!

Seeing this written down and thinking about the fact that a proper sleep-in is so far away from me at this stage in life is a bit freaky. To know I won’t sleep a full nights sleep for a very long time is kind of depressing. Especially since I love sleep-ins.

Somehow, in reality, it’s not that bad. Sure, sometimes I fall asleep at 4am with my head hanging over Aiden’s breastfeeding face and then wake up and see him staring at me with a frowny face. And yes, I do drink coffee by the liter nowadays. And I’ve realised the Swedish expression to be so tired you’re cross-eyed is not just an expression. But besides that, I think these hormones you get when breastfeeding that is supposed to make your sleep more efficiently must be doing the trick, because without it I would be dead by now. Or maybe it’s just that this little man is making it all worthwhile. Gah, such a cliché.

Jon was taking some photos while I was powernapping yesterday.
Jon was taking some photos while I was power napping yesterday.


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