Cheat day and the value of spiking caloric intake

Today is our “cheat day”. I’ve said I’m not following any specific diet but rather taken what I know from a few different diets, things that are recurring and seems to make sense to me. I’ve also mentioned that what I eat and don’t eat is, if described as anything, a mix of Timothy Ferriss’ slow carb diet and the Paleo diet. Timothy Ferriss diet has a cheat day and it’s not just a mental exercise ie that we need a day off to be able to stick with the strict diet. But listen to what he has to say in his book The four hour Body;



Interesting huh? So we’re doing that. Although it does feel a bit wrong actually. Especially as we’ve both lost weight this week. But hopefully the reasoning above is correct and it won’t interfere with our weight loss goal. (I say “we” because Jon is joining me, which is great. Hard to do if the other is eating normally.)

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