Beaten hero

Aiden sleepingWe’re still away in the UK. I’m so pleased Aiden seems happy to be away and doesn’t seem bothered about a slight change in routines for a couple a weeks. He’s warming to the grandparents as well so nicely. Showing off his best sides.

And I’m very pleased his sleeping seems to be “maturing”, getting closer to sleeping “through the night” (= 5-6 hours in one stretch/night). I’m getting very excited about future developments. (making him porridge, food eventually, him sitting.. You know – all that.)

Jon and I were talking on the way back after a walk today that it’s going to be so exciting to see what kind of person he’s going to be. Can’t wait for him to start talking so we can really get to know what’s in that little head. And I also wonder if we’ll think; “You could see he was like that when he was a baby already”.


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