My latest material crush

Are you guys like me that you can become obsessed with something and feel like youhave tohave it? Like some clothes item, shoes or bag? It feels like this item willdramaticallychange your life? Well I had one of those obsessions this past week. This bag:

Miles & Louie bag
Miles & Louie bag

I’m over it now. I think. But I was so close to buying it, even though it’s certainly not an investment allowed in our current budget. I tried to justify it in so many ways. My plan was to use it as a camera bag. I’ve ordered an insert from eBay. So I thought, even though it’s not a bag purposed specifically as a camera bag, it would just be lovely as one and would make me bring my camera EVERYWHERE. Logically I knew I could not really buy it. But I almost wanted to, you know, just do it anyway and think about the repercussions later…

To stop myself however I told Jon about it. That didn’t help and I continued to go in andlook at the bag every day on Etsy. I tried to bribe Jon by saying he could take the equivalent amount of money and buy something for himself as well. Yeah, I know… the logic – “OK, I don’t have money to buy this bag so lets both buy stuff we can’t afford”.But that’s just the thing: when you get obsessions like these there is no logic! I can’t explain it.

By the way, it’s not like the bag is expensive in itself. It’s actually very affordable being hand-made and partly of leather. So that’s not what I’m saying, just that Ican’t afford it right now.

So what finally ended this material crush? Well, I measured the bag. Stupidly I’d let myself fall in love with the rustic pictures, the lovely brand and theIDEAof my life being complete with this on my shoulder without checking it would actually work as I intended. But it would be too small I realised when finally checking the dimensions. And even if I could have justified it as a camera bag, I can’t as just a “normal” bag, strangely enough.

Phew! The temptation is over… this time around.

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