The awesomeness of breast milk!

Cold symptoms in a baby can be hard, especially a stuffy nose making it hard to eat & sleep properly
Cold symptoms in a baby can be hard, especially a stuffy nose making it hard to eat & sleep properly

So breast milk is awesome food for the baby obviously. The list of good it does for a newborn and for the mother is just endless. Everything from immune system boosting to sleep regulation to hormone regulation to recovery for the mother and so on, and so on…

But there are two external uses that was completely new to me and the one I only found out about the other day from a friend. So I’ll share them here with you, maybe someone will have as much use of them as we have.

Breast milk to treat infected tear ducts

Yes, that’s right. Eyes full of pus is quite common in newborns. It’s due to their tear ducts being too narrow still and it will resolve itself within time, as the baby grows. But it can be a pain, so besides gently massaging the inner corner of the eye and wipe off pus regularly as the nurse or doctor usually recommend – you can try a drop or two of breast milk in the eye where the tear canal opening is.

Breast milk to treat stuffy baby nose

In cold season it’s easy for babies to pick up one of the many cold viruses going around. The cold symptoms can be very annoying for a little one and especially a stuffy nose as it makes it difficult to breathe and eat. Clearing the snot is a pain as well, at least with our little one. He fights it with every muscle in his body. But we tried to squirt a few drops of breast milk up the nose (with a syringe, I’m not that good at aiming with my boob he he). After a little while it came back out along with dissolved snot that we could wipe off. He still wasn’t happy getting his nose wiped, but it was much more efficient and quicker this way.

Breast milk has anti inflammatory qualities, that’s why it can be used for these external purposes as well. And I read it can be used for zits as well, have not tried this though (not on baby, on adults).

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